Little-Known Facts about Left Handed People

Iris | 04 - 17 - 2023
Facts about left-handed people

About 10% of the population consists of lefties and they are the odd one’s out. Honestly, it seems like society has unremembered them. For example, look at all right-handed gadgets such as cooking tools and designed desks that are perfectly fitted only to your right hand. There is no exact number of genes linked to left-handers has been discovered. Individuals who prominently use their left hands contain more left-handed family members. Let’s examine the necessary facts about left handers here. 

Things you never know about left-handed people

There are lot of plenty reasons to love lefties from their innovative minds to political aspirations. Let’s find out what is unique about left-handers. 

High risk of psychosis

Only a few percent of the general population is lefties but the mental disorders rate goes up in this population. It is founded that individuals with psychosis had a 20% of being left-handed. A small study conducted by the journal SAGE stated that rates of psychotic lefties maybe even huge. The left-handedness rate is near average for those with various mood disorders like bipolar disorder and depression. Moreover, the percentage of lefties is above average in the case of psychosis. All these are left-handed disadvantages. 

How many percentages of the population consist of lefties?
  • A. 50%
  • B. 30%
  • C. 10%
  • D. 5%

Few health issues

The enhanced risk for ADHD, mood disorders, and dyslexia are visible in left-handed people. Most individuals depend on the left hemisphere of the brain for language-functioning tasks. However, 30 percent of lefties are partial to the right hemisphere or did not have any dominant hemisphere. So, some left-handers face brain disorders due to the above criteria. For other health conditions, lefties have luck due to low rates of ulcers and arthritis. 

Hear speech distinctly 

Other facts about left handers are accessing the speeches differently. One of the left-handed advantages is hearing slowly-changing sounds compared to right-hand individuals. As a matter of fact, left-handers hear minute-changing sounds better. 

Makes better artists

Southpaws is the term used to describe most lefthanders. They have the upper hand in creative facets and divergent thinking. Additionally, they have some advantages in sports too. Most boxers are left-handed in order to deliver a punch to their opponents. Hence, left-handed creativity is higher compared to others. 

Apart from these, lefties are easily embarrassed, best at typing, and more difficult time processing their emotions are other facts about left handers. Using the left hand is similar to throwing a curveball. The fact about left-handers creates more surprise effect in society.

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