Massachusetts Lobster Diver Gets Swallowed Alive by a Whale

Ashley | 06 - 17 - 2021
Michael Packard

Do you know that the man swallowed by a whale was a lobster diver?

Pearl and lobster divers often risk their lives underwater in search of valuable pearls and tasty lobsters. 

In the colonial era, slaves were used as lobster divers to free dive into deep waters. Nowadays, poor fishermen free dive for their livelihood and often face the risk of paralyzation or even death. 

Can Blue Whales Swallow Humans?
  • A. Yes
  • B. No

Who Got Swallowed by a Whale?

11-6-2021 was not just another day for Michael Packard “the lobster diver swallowed by a whale.” 

The Wellfleet lobster diver was admitted to the hospital due to a bizarre accident. 

The report read that a humpback whale swallowed the lobster diver who was searching for lobsters 35 feet underwater. Packard had explained his moments inside the whale’s mouth and expressed how scared he was following his recovery.

His boat mate Josiah Mate testified for the same with Cape Cod Times though he only saw Packard being spat out by the huge mammal. 

What Happens If a Whale Accidentally Swallows You?

Subsequent questions such as ‘Can a whale really swallow you?’, ‘What to do if a whale swallows you?’, ‘Are humpback whales dangerous?’ have arisen, and here is the answer

  1. Whales are not known to attack humans, especially a fully grown male.
  2. The throats of most whales are small and there is no chance for a whale to swallow a human whole.
  3. Whale attacks are a rarity, unlike shark attacks.  Casualties are usually due to the mammal’s enormous size or drowning and not because of the intention to hurt. 
  4. Attacks are often accidents or due to being threatened. 
  5. Killer whales are known to nibble on humans that can be fatal given the size and pressure.
  6. A sperm whale’s sound can kill a human in the close vicinage.
  7. Death can be caused due to lack of oxygen, methane gas present inside the whale, and fractured bones.
  8. Blue whales have thick curtain-like teeth that can filter out any big object other than krills from entering their throat making them a safe species for humans. 
  9. A miscommunication while swimming can still lead blue whales to butt you causing serious injuries.
  10. Several studies have shown that humans are potentially dangerous to whales. 

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