New Organ Discovered by Dutch Scientists

Elmira | 03 - 02 - 2024

A specialized scan revealed an unnoticed pair of salivary glands in the human skull. It is hard to believe that there is a part of the human brain that hasn’t been identified by scientists after many centuries of research.

New Organ Discovered in Humans

The scientists of the Netherlands Cancer Institute named the new organ found in the body as “tubarial salivary glands.” They said that this finding can help reduce the side effects of radiation therapy particularly on cancer patients. The new organs are roughly 1.5 inches in length. It is believed that they moisturize and lubricate the upper throat behind the mouth and nose.

Who Discovered the New Organ in the Body?
  • A. American Researchers
  • B. Dutch Researchers
  • C. Russian Researchers
  • D. Indian Researchers

Famous Dutch Scientists Talk about New Organ Found In the Body

“Dutch scientists get credit for finding the previously unknown large salivary glands in the space where the nasal cavity connects the throat”, the New York Times reported on Monday. If it is proved, then these glands could be the first kind that is found after around 300 years. According to the Modern anatomy books, only three types of salivary glands are there. One is set near the ears, the second one is found under the jaw and a third is located under the tongue. A researcher Dr. Matthijs Valstar, a surgeon at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, told the New York Times that there is a fourth gland.

This study paper was published in the journal Radiotherapy and Oncology. Dr. Valerie Fitzhugh, a pathologist at Rutgers University, who didn’t take part in the research, told the New York Times, the research was small. If it is real, that could change our way of looking at disease in the country. Dr. Yvonne Mowery, a radiation oncologist at Duke University in North Carolina stated that she was shocked we are living in 2020 and have found a new part in the human body. It is still unknown how these salivary glands hid in the body for so long. Another researcher Dr. Wouter Vogel, a radiation oncologist at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, told the Times that the location is not accessible and they required a sensitive image to find it.

Vogel said that this finding will help understand why people who undergo radiation therapy often experience chronic dry mouth and swallowing problems.

Dr. Alvand Hassankhani, a radiologist at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, said that it is still not confirmed whether it is a new organ. It’s hard to believe that these Dutch researchers saw a set of minor glands.

Why Can This New Organ Be Helpful for Cancer Patients?

This finding can help treat cancer patients. During radiation therapy in the head and neck, the physicians avoid the main salivary gland as it can damage or make it hard for the cancer patient to swallow, speak and eat. Hence, this discovery may help treat cancer patients as physicians aren’t aware of its existence.

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