Nobel Prize Winners 2021:Everything About the 2021 Nobel Prize Awards!

Elmira | 07 - 15 - 2023
Nobel prize winners 2021

The Nobel Prize award 2021 ceremony is upon us again this year. Every October, Nobel prize committees from Norway and Sweden give awards in different categories. In total, six prizes will be awarded. The 2021 Nobel Peace Prize is scheduled to be declared in Oslo on 8th October 2021 by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place on 10 December 2021 as the Nominations ended on 31st January 2021.

What is the Nobel Prize?

The Nobel prize medal is a prestigious award, given in six different categories. Five separate Nobel Prizes are given every year. This award is given to those who have conferred the biggest benefits to humankind. 

Who won the Nobel Prize in 2021?
  • A. Ardem
  • B. Patapoutian
  • C. Both
  • D. Only A

Nobel Prize Categories

The prize was originally awarded in the fields-Chemistry, Physics, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace.

Nomination Process

Various groups of qualified nominators will nominate candidates that include members of national governments, judges of some international courts, members of national assemblies, heads of states, (full) professor-level academics in relevant fields, and former laureates.

These nominations are submitted to the Norwegian Nobel Committee in Oslo. Nominations for the 2021 prize started on 1st September 2020 and closed on 31st January 2021.

How Are Nobel Prize Winners Chosen?

The Nobel Committee selects the Nobel Prize laureates through a majority vote. 

Nobel Prize Nominees 2021

329 candidates are taking part in the 2021 Nobel prize award selection list, in which 234 individuals and 95 organizations. The Nobel Foundation is not authorized to reveal nominations for around 50 years. But individuals can do it. From climate campaigner Greta Thunberg to Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, the World Health Organization, many people are nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize category.

When Are the Nobel Prize Awards Announced?

From Monday to Friday, one Nobel prize winner will be announced each day. The winner announcements are revealed in Stockholm and Oslo and will be watched live on the official channel of the Nobel prize.

  • The prize for physics will be declared on Tuesday 
  • The prize for chemistry will be declared on Wednesday 
  • The prize for literature will be declared on Tuesday 
  • The prize for peace work will be declared on Friday 
  • The prize for economic science will be declared on Monday, Oct. 11.

What Do the Winners Receive?

Nobel prize winners will receive a diploma of Nobel prize, a Nobel Prize medal, and a document where the prize amount will be mentioned. Last year, it was increased to 10 million Swedish krona, equal to $1.1 million in current exchange rates.

2021 Nobel Prize Winners

David Julius and Ardem Patapoutiam are awarded jointly with the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2021 “for their discoveries of receptors for temperature and touch.” Other winners are yet to be announced on respective dates.

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