Obsolete Jobs That Will Disappear by 2030

Emma | 01 - 07 - 2021
Obsolete Jobs That Will Disappear by 2030

The rapid growth in technology will destroy these jobs in the future. Here are some of the obsolete jobs that might disappear in the future.

1. Train Drivers

Robots will be replaced by train drivers in the near future. Many transportations will go driverless in two or three decades. Train transportation will work under the driver-controlled mode, partly automated mode, semi-automated mode, and driverless. This automation driving will take complete control of the departure, closing, and opening of the doors to movement between stations.

2. Travel Agent

People are becoming hodophile nowadays and many are planning their itineraries better than travel agents. Travel agents are like middlemen so their job will definitely disappear in the future.

Which Country Has a Fully Automated Driverless Mass-Transit Rail Network?
  • A. Japan
  • B. China
  • C. America
  • D. Korea

3. Cashier

The development in technology can make cashier jobs obsolete in the future. Cashier’s jobs can be replaced with self-checkout kiosks. Amazon is taking the initiative by experimenting with cashier-less shopping. The world’s first cashier-less supermarket was opened by Amazon in Seattle.

4. Print Journalist

The print medium is said to be a dying medium because of the evolution of media. People don’t have to wait for the next day to know about the happenings around them, just a single tap on their mobile phone works to get to know about the world’s happenings.

5. Postal Worker

In the era of the digital world, postal jobs are becoming obsolete. Digital communication took over the traditional mail system. Many companies have adopted this system because customers/people prefer this to traditional posts.

6. Taxi Driver

Famous rideshare industry Uber and Lyft are about to introduce driverless cars. This car operates itself by sensing the environment. Google introduced the autonomous car project in 2009.

7. Data Entry

Most companies need a data entry clerk irrespective of the company’s size. Data entry jobs will become automated or will be replaced by robots in the future. So data entry jobs will soon go into obsolete jobs lists.

8. Watch Repairers

Decades back watch repairers jobs were at their peak because there were only a few countable brands with less production. But now after the rise of technology people prefer smartwatches to battery watches. So this job is likely to disappear soon.

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