Only True Fans Can Score 10/10 in Our Friends Character Quiz

Emma | 04 - 03 - 2021

FRIENDS is one of the most popular series even now. FRIENDS is all about “family, love, friendship, comedy, romance, and drama. This series revolves around ‘six” friends who are in their 20’s. Each character in Friends has done justice to their roles. The series had temporary names such as Insomnia Café, friends like us, and six of one before they decided on “FRIENDS”. In the entire 10 seasons, only 4 main characters’ full names were revealed. The actors in “Friends”  were famously known by their characters’ names rather than their original names. Read on to know the original name of the people from friends and don’t forget to play our FRIENDS character quiz.

Rachel- Jennifer Aniston

Rachel is undoubtedly one of the most beloved characters in friends. Rachel’s character is still adored and loved by many people. Rachel is known for her fashion sense in the entire series and many of her outfits are still in trend. Rachel is portrayed as a passionate woman and she isn’t afraid to try new things.  “no uterus, no opinion?”  is a famous dialogue even now. The real name of Rachel is Jennifer Aniston.  She also received an Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award for her performance.

Monica- Courteney cox

Many people say that the show wouldn’t be the same without Monica and she is the best character in the show. The entire show takes place in Monica’s place and it is Monica who held the group together. Monica is one of the most complicated characters in “Friends.” Monica’s real name is Courtney Cox. Courtney Cox is an actor, model, and producer.

Can You Find the Real Name of the Person Who Is Called “Sweetie and My New Bride” by Ross
  • A. Courtney Cox
  • B. Carol Willick
  • C. Jennifer Aniston
  • D. Emily Waltham

Chandler- Matthew Perry 

Chandler is one of the hilarious characters in friends. He is known for his sarcastic humor, witty comments, and one-liners. Chandler is “the most lovable character in friends.” Chandler is a cool person and he is the king of sarcasm, his face as a meme is in trend even now. Chandler is a most lovable character because many can relate themselves to the character and he is also known for his gestures and expressions. Chandler’s real name is Matthew Perry.

Ross- David S

Ross is a very practical, attractive, funny, and caring person in Friends. He is mature and smarter than other friends’ characters. In the series, Ross is a paleontologist and he holds a doctorate. Ross is a nerdy personality and best known for his awkward sense of humor. His dialogues “why do bad things happen to good people” and “ we are on a break” are more famous than Ross itself. The real name of Ross is David Schwimmer


Many FRIENDS fans love Joey because he is royal, smart, carefree, hilarious. Joey loves food and he doesn’t share his food with anyone. Joey’s famous catchphrase is “How you doin”. Joey’s character was played by Matt LeBlanc. He also won many awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.


Phoebe is one of the intelligent characters and selfless characters in Friends. She is an empathetic person throughout the series. Phoebe, unlike her friends, has a unique sense of humor. She loves animals and music. At the beginning of the series fans were not happy with her performance later she beguiled the audience with her acting. Phoebe character was played by Lisa Kudrow

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