People from FRIENDS and Objects Related to Them

Ashley | 04 - 23 - 2021
FRIENDS cast quiz

As ardent fans of the FRIENDS sitcom, we have watched the show several times and played various FRIENDS character quizzes, match the dialogue with FRIENDS characters name quiz, and others.  

Apart from the FRIENDS cast quiz, we also know the stage name and the real-life names of people from FRIENDS. But do you know about the iconic objects that were showcased in the series? Only a true fan will be able to score 10/10 on this quiz.

Few unknown facts before you jump into the quiz. 

Who Owned the White Dog Statue in Real Life?
  • A. Rachel Green
  • B. Joey Tribbiani
  • C. Ross Geller
  • D. Monica Geller
  1. Joey Tribbiani, the beloved foodie, had only $11 in his pockets when he signed the contract. He treated himself to a hot meal with his first paycheck.
  2. The fountain in the opening credits is not in New York.
  3. Gunther was on the show because he knew how to operate an espresso machine.
  4. The golden frame around the peephole consisted of a mirror that a crew member broke.
  5. The cast drank real coffee onscreen.
  6. David Schwimmer never auditioned for Ross.
  7. There were budget cuts on the show, so the episode “The One Where No is Ready” only revolved around the main cast.
  8. FRIENDS had a 7th friend who was old and supportive but the character was dropped after the pilot episode. 
  9. The live audience was asked to slut-shame Monica after she dumped a guy she slept with on their first date to decide whether to telecast the episode or not.
  10. Schwimmer and Aniston cut back on their paychecks so all the cast could earn equally from Season 2.

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