Popular Everyday Words That Were Invented By Movies/ TV Shows

Leia Smith | 11 - 13 - 2020
Words and Phrases That Came From TV Shows and Movies

Take a look at the new-age words and phrases that gained popularity through your favorite movies, cartoons, and television shows. 

  • Meh

The word Meh has become more of a Whatsapp slang, hasn’t it? We often use it to express a lack of interest or show how unenthusiastic we are over a conversation. Well, if you are a fan of The Simpsons, you’d have known how the expression Meh gained so much fame. All thanks to the Sideshow Bob Roberts show for giving us the most-wanted expression to convey how boring a particular situation or person is. 

Through Which Popular TV Show Did the Expression Meh Become Popular?
  • A. Flintstones
  • B. Spongebob
  • C. The Simpsons
  • D. Bob The Builder
  • Bucket List

Today, we say ‘ticked off the bucket list’ when we do something we love or visit a place. But, did you know when and how this phrase came into existence? American and British screenwriter Justin Zackham was the one who coined this phrase. The phrase ‘The list of things to do before I kick the bucket’ later made him write a screenplay for a movie titled ‘Bucket List’ in 2007.

  • Friend Zone

How many of you out there have been friendzoned? Well, if you are someone who has his/ her heartbroken due to being friendzoned, this piece of info is for you. Well, it’s none other than our favorite Ross from Friends who was given the title, The Mayor of Friend Zone through which the word started trending. Poor Ross!

  • Eye Candy

We use the word eye candy to tell that a person or a thing is visually attractive but has no value or is undemanding. Quite a harsh term to criticize that something is superficially beautiful yet has no substance was first appeared in a newspaper ‘The Hammond Daily Star’. There are also sources that say the word eye candy is a metaphor of the word nose candy, “cocaine”.

  • Going Commando

We are quite aware that going commando means not wearing underwear. It’s once again the famous TV show Friends which made this phase extremely hilarious and popular. But, long before Joey uttered these words, the term going commando has always existed and was used by soldiers. The practice of not wearing undies by commandos remained to prevent chafing and hence the term “going commando”.

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