Robot Football Game 2050: Football-Playing Robots V/S the World Cup Winners

Elmira | 09 - 29 - 2021
robot football game 2050

Robot football game 2050: who can imagine a day when humans will play with robots. It is anticipated that robot football players will be ready to challenge human football teams by 2050, says a professor. According to the robot football league, a robot team may have the capability to defeat the best human team in the world.

The Game Between Humans and Robots

Organizing a match between humans and robots is the aim of the organization, RoboCup. This organization has been running a global soccer tournament since 1997. It is founded by a group of robotics scientists. The group has been planning to organize the Robot Soccer World Cup or RoboCup. In the middle of the 21st century, the team of humanoid robot soccer players may compete against human players and win the soccer game. Robocup teams have already created human-shaped robots featuring advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software systems that can make their own decisions. For example- where to shoot or pass. But it is still not proven whether these robots can be good enough to beat the World Cup-winning team of humans by 2050.

Who Invented RoboCup?
  • A. Robotics scientists From the US
  • B. Robotics scientists From China
  • C. Robotics scientists From Spain
  • D. Robotics scientists From Japan

Robocup 2050 Mission

Peter Stone, RoboCup president and computer science professor at the University of Texas at Austin, stated that “It’s certainly plausible. I wouldn’t bet too much on it but I wouldn’t bet too much against it either.”He says that, technology can move ahead and advance during the thirty-year time to make impossible things possible. 

How does RoboCup work? RoboCup is an annual international robotics game. It was founded by a group of university professors that include Hiroaki Kitano, Manuela M. Veloso, and Minoru Asada in 1996. The main motto of the competition is to promote robotics and AI study.

The event was held during the summer in Sydney, Australia this year. Pagnucco stated the purpose of competitions and said that competitions can help advance technology. From robots’ soccer gameplay or operating a maze can be used in industry and help humans solve real-world problems. The competition has been divided into six main categories within the cup and in football alone. There are seven leagues. If robots can beat the human world champions by the middle of the 21st century then we have 30 years for another eight World Cup tournaments, and England can win one of them.

France is the current World Cup holder by beating Croatia in the final in Russia 16 months ago. Karim Benzema couldn’t get a chance to play for the national team. The Real Madrid forward has not played since 2015.

Time will reveal everything, all you can do is wait and see whether a robot team can beat the world’s unbeatable champions.

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