Selfie Death Statistics: Selfies Kill More People Than Sharks

Elmira | 05 - 06 - 2021

Selfies are not only a collection of memories or reflections of your life, and they can be dangerous. Since the last decade, the selfie has become a global sensation. Taking a selfie is supposed to be fun. Selfies can be deadly if you do not take them safely. 

Did you know that selfies kill more than sharks? Next time you think of taking selfies, you should think twice and do it safely.

Selfie Deaths per Year

Which Country Reported the Highest Selfie Deaths?
  • A. India
  • B. Russia
  • C. United States
  • D. None of the Above

According to The Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care in India, 259 people died while attempting to take a selfie. 137 selfie-related accidents happened from 2011 to 2017, compared to fifty people who died by shark attacks.

According to a new survey, 41 percent of people have already risked their lives in pursuit of a selfie. 

Most women indeed prefer taking selfies, but men play a major role in taking risks for a selfie, as per a poll conducted by the smartphone case company

One company survey discovered that 61 percent of males like to accept the challenge of cliff-edge photos, compared to 38 percent of women.

Global Selfie Disasters

A 66-year-old Japanese tourist died, and his travel partner was injured while they attempted to take a selfie and fell on stairs at the Taj Mahal, the BBC reports.

 Hence the critical selfie situation has created its label called Selfiecide. Instagrammer called Bikini Hiker died of hypothermia while hiking up in Yushan Mountain. He fell into a ravine. He is well known for posing on mountain summits in a swimsuit.

Many countries issued new rules and regulations so that people can take selfies safely.

In 2015, Russian police issued a guide to “selfie without danger.”

In the USA, many people are involved in selfie deaths while trying for the perfect pose. At the Grand Canyon, many people died.

Rescue services in Croatia posted to request tourists to “stop taking stupid and dangerous selfies” after a tourist survived who fell in 75 meters (250 foot) in the Plitvice lakes region.

Extreme Level Selfies

A Brazilian woman took a smiling selfie in front of the presidential candidate Eduardo Campos’ coffin during his funeral.

A social media influencer Sueli Toledo also posed a picture on Instagram and wrote a caption, “My look today for the funeral of a super friend.” 

Countries like Brazil, Germany, and Vietnam witnessed traffic accident selfies at the scene of the crash.

Which Country Has the Most Selfie Deaths?

According to a 2018 study of news reports, there were 259 selfie deaths and 137 incidents worldwide. India has the most selfie deaths, following Russia, the USA, and Pakistan.

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