Seven Oldest Governments in the World

Elmira | 03 - 12 - 2020
Seven Oldest Governments in the World

There are countless countries and ruling systems that exist. Let’s discover some of the oldest government systems.

1. Sumer (c.4500 – c.1900 BCE)

Sumerians established the first oldest government. Sumer is one of the first urban civilizations in the world which was founded in the Mesopotamia region. During that era, many cities were ruled by a priestly governor or king. 

The Sumerian government has done many social activities such as the use of an agricultural specialized labor division, canal system, and  massive irrigation

1. What Type of Government Was Created to Rule Ancient Egypt?
  • A. Monarchy
  • B. Federal
  • C. Democracy
  • D. Dictatorship

2. Harappan Civilization (Indus Valley) ( c.3300 – c.1300 BCE)

As per the archaeological testimony, Harappan civilization followed some set of central leadership. The Harappans were recognized for their astounding urban projects which must have needed a central government.

3. Ancient Egypt (c.3050 BCE – 641 CE)

The ancient Egyptians are famous for their thoroughly documented government. They established the government of monarchy, ruled by mandate from the gods. They passed laws, decisions and also gave approvals.

The government hierarchy pharaoh had power on everything and control on ancient Egypt’s land, resources, and people. 

4. China -(c.2070 BCE – present)

Ancient China was ruled by a monarchy. It was managed by an emperor and a royal family. The king was the ruler and the dictator to the people. He held the power to maintain economy or governance or agriculture. 

5. Ancient Greece- ( c.1100 BCE – c.600 CE)

The ancient Greek period began from the classical period c.500 – c.323 BCE which was also known as the most prominent period in modern history.

The ancient Greeks created extraordinary forms of government i.e. democracy. Before its democratic place, Greek was divided into city-states.

6. Ancient Rome -( c.753 BCE – 1453 CE)

500 years ago, ancient Rome was ruled by the Roman Public. It was the first government that allowed the public to elect officials. This type of ruling system was followed by many countries for many years.

As stated in Roman mythology, Rome was? established on April 21, 753 BCE by Romulus and Remus. They were descendants of the Trojan prince Aeneas. Imperial Rome established three main branches of the rule namely the central government, the military, and the provincial government.

7. Japan – (c.660 BCE – today)

Ancient Japan formed the constitutional monarchy and was constantly ruled by the emperor. The first monarch was Emperor Jimmu who founded the country and became the first ruler.

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