Soccer Slang from around the Globe

Emma | 09 - 04 - 2023
Soccer Slang from around the Globe

While watching a soccer or football match, do you find it challenging to understand the terms used by the commentators? Fret not! In this blog, we will let you know the meanings of some important soccer slang terms from around the globe. You might already be familiar with some popular slang words, such as “goal,” “pitch,” “shot,” and “pass.” If you wonder what “worldie,” “howler,” and “brace” mean, we will assist you in understanding them. 

Without further ado, let’s set the ball rolling!

1. Big Game Player

It’s a player who stays under the radar in most of the matches but suddenly comes to life and scores crucial goals (when they are most needed).

The terms “worldie” and “brace” are frequently used in soccer.
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2. Class Act

“Class Act” in football is a term that describes a player who has achieved something truly remarkable. It can be on/off the pitch.

3. Caught Sleeping

When a player makes a “foolish” mistake (which could have been avoided pretty easily), they are “caught sleeping.” It also means that the player has lost focus and allowed the opposite team to gain an advantage.

4. Boxing Day Football

There is no boxing on Boxing Day! However, this day is linked to soccer. It’s the day following Christmas, and it has been a national holiday in the U.K. since the year 1871. It’s a festive day when families get together and watch soccer games.

Boxing Day Football

5. Worldie

When a player scores an “incredible goal,” it’s known as a “worldie.” Lionel Messi, the outstanding Argentine player, is pretty famous for his unbelievable worldies. 


6. Punt

A “punt” is a type of kick in which the ball moves a long distance down the field. These types of kicks are part and parcel of goalkeeper training. Punts can be performed by a team’s goalie or player. The main idea behind a punt is to advance the ball as far as possible to another teammate/player who is in a better position on the soccer field.

7. Tiki-taka

We know that it sounds different from the other slang words! There are several speculations about the origin of this term. However, in a nutshell, tiki-taka is a style of soccer that involves “short passing.” But do you know what is short passing? As the name implies, it’s nothing but a player passing the ball over a short distance to another player on the field. 

8. Howler

There can be lots of things, such as mis-kicks and bad luck, in a soccer match. However, if a particularly glaring error or mistake is committed by a player, it’s called a football howler. 

9. Brace

The word dates back to the nineteenth century. When a player scores two goals in a match, it’s called a “brace.” The time during which the goals are scored doesn’t matter. Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo have got more than 200 braces each!


10. Volley

When a player’s foot sends the ball in an angled direction before it hits the ground, it’s called a volley. The correct timing and coordination of the player’s eye and foot are crucial in a volley. 


We hope you have got the hang of “soccer slang from around the globe.” Now, you will not feel totally lost while watching a soccer match. Instead, you can use our soccer terms to yell with your friends and have a field day!

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