Strange Tombs and Cemeteries in New Orleans

Eliza | 11 - 08 - 2020

This may sound strange, but one of the most famous tourist attractions in New Orleans is the cemeteries of New Orleans. People referred to New Orleans as the “City of the Dead” and this nickname stuck to it over a hundred years. 

Famous Cemeteries in New Orleans

Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana – This famous City of the Dead is located on the site of a former racetrack. This is a famous New Orleans graveyard.

Saint Louis Cemetery No.1 in New Orleans, Louisiana – The oldest New Orleans cemetery is also famous as the location of the acid- trip finale in Easy Rider.

1. New Orleans Cemeteries Are Often Referred to As?
  • A. Cities of the Dead
  • B. Sin City
  • C. Tomb City
  • D. None of the above

Holt Cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana – This cemetery is a haunting, yet lovingly hand-hewn potters’ field full of graves that flood with each heavy rain.

Odd Fellows Rest in New Orleans, Louisiana – This crumbling cemetery is the final resting place of members of a faded secret society.

Nicolas Cage’s Pyramid in New Orleans, Louisiana – If Nicolas Cage ever dies he will be buried inside this controversial pyramid.    

Famous New Orleans Tombs:

Tomb Of the Unknown Slave in New Orleans, Louisiana – This is made of giant chains and hung with shackles, this iron cross honors those unknowns who perished under American slavery.

The Tomb of Homer Plessy in New Orleans  –This is one of the oldest tombs. An important name from U.S. civil rights history also appears on a tomb here that is Homer Plessy.

Marie Laveau’s Tomb in New Orleans, Louisiana – This place is the final resting place of New Orleans’ most famous voodoo priestess.

The Tomb of Etienne de Bore in New Orleans, Louisiana – Famous people are buried here in this tomb in New Orleans. Etienne de bore was the first person to hold the title of Mayor New Orleans.    

The Tomb of William Claiborne in New Orleans, LouisianaClaiborne was buried at the St. Louis Cemetery Number 1, in New Orleans, then the most prestigious of the city’s cemeteries. 

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