Stylish 6 Iconic Pop Culture Characters Trends in Fashion

Iris | 12 - 13 - 2020
Pop Culture Characters

American Pop culture trends have been changed dramatically over the years. Some iconic pop culture characters like Penny Lane, Neo, Vivian ward, Sharon Tate, Rachel, Blair Waldorf’s pop culture fashion trends are still in trend and they are being regenerated as pop culture trends 2020. Read on to discover the styles that steal every year’s fashion trends.

1) Vivian Ward – Pretty Women(1990)

Red Dress

Red dress

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Taking it back to the 19th century with this iconic red-colored dress. Now it’s time to reimagine the look with the trendiest color of this season. Opt for thick and thin fabrics depending upon the seasons. It is also a great time to copy Vivian’s entire look like an elegant night outwear for this Christmas, pair it up with a blazer to get a casual look. 

2) Rachel Green – Friends(1994)

Shag Cut 

Shag Cut 

Rachel Green’s shag cut never gets out of the trend. This trendy hairstyle will make you look versatile and elegant. It goes well with any of your outfits. Add some more streaks of your choice to get into the current trend. 

3) Neo- The Matrix(1999)

Maxi Leather Coats 

Maxi Leather Coats

This head to toe leather coat is an all-time favorite for all generations. If you are a matrix fan then there must be one black leather coat or jacket. Now, this maxi leather jacket is back to trend with bold colors like red, emerald, and funky designs. Keep yourself warm with this upgraded version of a faux leather coat.

4) Penny Lane – Almost Famous(2000)

Shearling Coat



Penny Lane was one of the most famous style icons from the moment she appeared in the movie Almost Famous. This iconic coat worn by Penny Lane was actually made up of rugs during that time but now we have so many options in them. This chic style coat is still in trend which is suitable for the autumn and winter season.

5) Blair Waldorf – Gossip Girl (2007)

Scrunchies and Headbands

Shearling Coat

Even after so many years, still, Blair Waldorf’s headbands are still in trend. Two of the biggest hair trends for the autumn and winter season were inspired by Blair’s hairstyle throughout the eighth season. And now the upgraded version of scrunchie is back with elegant silks, chic florals, funky designs, and luxurious animal prints.

6) Sharon Tate – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood(2019)

Knee High Boots 

Knee High Boots 

This is a trend that never gets out of fashion. This year there are even more new arrivals in boots – ankle, combat, rain, over the knee with vibrant and neutral colors that go pretty well with any costume. Wear them with mid-skirts, dresses, suits, or any other outfits to get a complete rocking look. 


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