Tempting Details You Didn’t Know About History of Oreo

Iris | 04 - 12 - 2021

We bet you that throughout your entire life you can’t meet one person who doesn’t love Oreos. These fabled Oreos have been there for centuries and they are made in different flavors. Well, every one of us has our own favorite flavors. But how many of you are aware of the history of Oreo and how did Oreo get its design? To know more about the tempting Oreo origin and its history dig into our blog below. 

History of Oreo 

You may know Oreos as delicious cookies with two biscuits and a double creamy center. But there is much more to know about the Oreo origin and its history. From Oreo-based desserts to making delicious cookie sandwiches and ice creams, Oreos have become an important part of 20th-century culture. But nobody is aware of the cookie’s popularity since its invention that is in the year 1912. 

In the year 1912, the famous National Biscuit Company invented the Oreo cookie. Four years before the arrival of Oreo cookies, the Sunshine Biscuit Company had already done the two chocolate disks with a creme filling inside in the year 1908 which was famously known as the Hydrox cookies (two decorated chocolate cookies with a creamy center). 

Name the Company, Who Makes Oreos?
  • A. Barilla
  • B. Nestle
  • C. Nabisco
  • D. None of the Above

Despite its mystery origin, the Oreo itself made a name for itself and surpassed its competitors and they made sure to file a trademark on their cookie after its completion on March 14, 1912. The request for their trademark was granted in 1913. 

What Does Oreo Stand For? 

While some people speculate that the name was a combination of cream, cookies, and chocolate. That is taking the “O” from Cookies & Chocolate and “re” from cream and making it as “O-RE-O”.

How Did Oreo Get Its Name?

So where did Oreo get its name? Still, it is even a mystery among the people of Nabisco. While many people believe that the cookie’s name was taken from the french word for gold and other people claim that the cookie’s prototype to be named after the Greek word for mountain, Oreo.

When the cookie was first introduced in the year 1912, it was named “Oreo Biscuit”, which was later changed into “Oreo Sandwich” in the year 1921 and there was another name change in the year 1937 as “Oreo Creme Sandwich” before the company settled on this name again there was a name change in the year 1974 as “ Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie”. Despite its roller-coaster name changes, most people simply referred to the cookie as “Oreo”.

Who Designed the Oreo Logo?

Many internet resources have claimed that Nabisco has never revealed the man who designed the Oreo logo. But it turns out that William Turnier was the man behind the Oreo cookie design history and the secret “Design Engineer”.

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