Tesla’s First Electric Pickup Truck Unveiled

Eliza | 02 - 19 - 2020
Tesla’s First Electric Pickup Truck Unveiled

Tesla has unveiled its long-awaited electric pickup truck that looks like a futuristic fully covered armored vehicle in a metal grey color. 

At a launch event in Los Angeles, Tesla’s Chief Executive (CEO) Elon Musk said that Cybertruck will have a rate of $39,000 and a maximum range of more than 500 miles. The production of the cybertruck is expected to begin at the end of 2021. 

Mr. Musk said, “We need sustainable energy now. If we don’t have a pickup truck we can’t solve it. The top 3 selling vehicles in America are pickup trucks. To solve sustainable energy, we have to have a pickup truck,”

1. Elon Musk Was Born and Raised in Which Country?
  • A. The Netherlands
  • B. Canada
  • C. South Africa
  • D. Israel

He earlier tweeted that the design was partly influenced by Lotus Esprit Sportscar that doubled as a submarine in the 1070s 007movie “The Spy Who Loved Me”. 

As the sixth vehicle model of Tesla, the truck will be competing in a market against the Ford F Series, which has been the best selling pickup truck for more than 40 years in the U.S.

The Tesla Cybertruck has a stainless steel exterior with a triangular roof and windows made from armored glass. Mr. Musk has said that the truck is bulletproof but during a demonstration of the truck’s toughness, its designer lobbed a metal ball at one of its windows, unexpectedly cracking it. He tried again on another window, which also cracked.

“Maybe that was a little too hard,” said Mr. Musk, CEO.

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