The Future of Intelligent Process Automation

Emma | 09 - 30 - 2021
Intelligent Process Automation

Technology is changing our lives in many ways, also making our lives easier and better. Technology has seen a huge transformation in the past decade. It is reshaping the business industry and transforming to another level. You might have thought or heard that Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual intelligence (VI) might influence future technology but it has a long way to go. Researchers say that IPA comes into play and drives the future of enterprise before AI and VI. 

What Does IPA Stand For?

IPA stands for Intelligent Process Automation. IPA is a collection of new technology that relates to computer vision, cognitive automation, and machine learning to robotic process automation. 

In short, Intelligent Process Automation is a combination of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Artificial intelligence (AI). 

What is RPA?
  • A. Robotic Process Automation
  • B. Robot Process Automation
  • C. Robotic Process Association
  • D. None of the Above

Robotic Process Automation + Artificial Intelligence = Intelligent Process Automation 

Intelligent Process Automation is on the rise in the concept of enterprises. IPA helps to cut down human involvement with many automating manuals and tasks to achieve efficiency. The intelligent aspect is introduced by Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with other emerging technologies. So, IPA performs human actions by making decisions and interpreting data independently without human interference. 

Intelligent Process Automation Benefits

Here we’ve listed few benefits of Intelligent Process Automation

  • Coordinates work between humans and robots- Intelligent Process Automation helps to coordinate work between humans, robots, and systems.
  • Automated over 50% of manual tasks– RPA releases employees from labor-intensive tasks. When RPA is combined with DPA and AI, correct decisions are made. As it is planned out in the workflow with AI. 
  • Improves customer and employee satisfaction– Intelligent Process Automation improves overall customer and employee satisfaction not only that but also experience. It carries out routine tasks error-free and effectively. 
  • Reduces costs– Automating tasks in IPA saves costs that are equivalent to many full-time equivalents (FTE). So, the company can use the employee and time for other important tasks. This is the first and foremost step to develop a business. 
  • Interpret tough/big data- Despite its performance, Intelligent Process Automation handles and solves big amounts of data that even take months for humans to sort out.   
  • Reduction in errors– As IPA reduces human involvement, the chances of making manual errors can be reduced. 
  • Speed- IPA encourages and speeds up development and technology improvements. It also provides end-to-end visibility of processes that help the company to develop its business. 

The Future of IPA Software

The Intelligent Process Automation is getting smarter day by day. Many companies use IPA to develop new platforms, engage with advisors, cut costs, satisfy customer and employee satisfaction. To withstand in the era of competitive business, one should use IPA software to develop their business and to withstand in the competitive market. 


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