The History of Color Jerseys in Soccer

Vannessa | 10 - 15 - 2023
The History of Color Jerseys in Soccer

Soccer fans love the team jersey as much as they love the soccer players. The attractive jersey colors make them stand out in the crowd. The soccer jersey colors resemble their tradition, often linked to their city and customs. Similar to the players the soccer jersey color also has too many variations. Here are five historical and iconic jersey colors in football. 

FC, Barcelona 

Barcelona has the most captivating jersey of all time. Blended with red and blue colors they have uncountable stories evolving behind the history of blue and red jerseys. A theory states that the club members picked the colors in the first meeting. There are other stories revolving around, the style laid out by the families who linked to the foundation club. Some suggest it was selected by the mother of one of the players as she had red and blue color materials. The real story of the vibrant jersey still needs to be discovered. The latest version of the Barca jersey features a fusion of blue, red, and purple with a Rakuten sponsorship tag. 

What colors can be seen in the latest Barcelona jerseys?
  • A. Blue
  • B. Red
  • C. Purple
  • D. All of the above

Manchester United 

Manchester United is the most renowned soccer team in the world. The home kit of Manchester is easily recognizable with its iconic shades. Newton Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway was the former name of Manchester United since the team consisted of Lancashire and Yorkshire workers. The black stripes on the shirt resemble the rail tracks paying homage to the team’s roots. The dark red color was the primary hue of the jersey, though not the club’s official color. In 1902 the team changed its name and its jersey color, and it has remained the same since then. This red jersey is on the top of the soccer jerseys and is proudly sponsored by major companies like Aon, AIG, and Vodafone. 

Real Madrid 

Real Madrid started their journey with a white jersey and has maintained the same color ever since This unchanging jersey color got them a monicker called Los Blancos, which means The White. However, Real Madrid’s crest has seen significant changes since its first iteration in the 20th century. Since 1985 Real Madrid made a deal with their sponsors for their jerseys and Parmalat was the first sponsorship they signed. Adidas, Emirates Airlines, and Mahou are other sponsorships they’ve earned for their jerseys. Over 3.5 million jerseys were sold by the club last year. 

Paris-Saint Germain

The paris-saint German club bagged billions of dollars since they signed sponsorships in 1986. 

The PSG earns 701 million dollars selling their jerseys. PSG jersey color resembles both the city of Paris and the royal town of German–en–Laye. Red, blue, and white are the club’s long-established colors. Red and blue are Parisian colors while white is a symbol of French royalty.  Last year, PSG club sold 750,000 shirts worldwide, earning a huge amount of money.

Juventus FC 

Juventus FC, one of the leading football clubs was formed in 1987. In the beginning, the team played in black and white, then preferred pink, and again switched back to black and white.

In 1981 Ariston a manufacturing company sponsored their Juventus Jerseys. The club jersey became more popular after Christiano Ronaldo joined the team.

Every Jersey was made to create history. To soccer teams and fans, these are not just a kit these became a part of their game.

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