Largest Amphitheatre in the World Can Be Seen in Los Angeles

Iris | 02 - 25 - 2020
The Largest Amphitheatre in the World Can Be Seen in Los Angeles

Hollywood Bowl is the largest natural outdoor amphitheater not only in Los Angeles but the whole country.

Where Is the Largest Outdoor Amphitheatre in the U.S?

It is located with the backdrop of Hollywood hills and its monumental arch which looks like a bowl due to which it got the name Hollywood Bowl. It is owned by Los Angeles County. The theatre hosts hundreds of musical events a year and also serves as a park and picnic spot.

Greatest Works of Architecture and Engineering

The iconic shell design provides the best acoustic experience to the spectators. It is run by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association. The site was reserved by Christine Wetherill Stevenson in 1919 to perform her plays. Later on, various organizations took over the theatre and renovated it over different periods of time. It was never considered as an individual property. The bowl shape arch was built in 1929 by the community park and art association.  The stages were constructed later on. Now the place can hold a crowd of more than 17000 people.

1. Where Is the Hollywood Bowl Museum in Los Angeles?
  • A. East Highland Ave
  • B. North Highland Ave
  • C. South Highland Ave
  • D. West Highland Ave

Artists Performances

The first time a pop star named Frank Sinatra performed on the stage of the Hollywood Bowl on August 14, 1943, with an audience of 10000 people. The microphone Sinatra used to sing at the concert, audio recordings of the performance and the photos taken during the concert are still preserved at the Hollywood Bowl Museum. The French singer Lily Pons garnered 26,410 spectators in 1936. In August 1964, the Beatles took the stage at the Hollywood Bowl to mesmerize 18700 people.

Hollywood Bowl Today

The theatre allows alcoholic beverages inside the stadium during the concerts and you can also take a bottle of wine but when it is leased a non-alcoholic policy may be enforced. The picnic spots are available only on a first come first serve basis.  But you can swap the “lots” based on the number of people in your group. Larger groups are able to preorder the cushions and events. The theatre has video screens located at many places so that the viewers far back from the stage will not miss out on anything on stage.   

The viewers are allowed to bring food and also they can buy salads, sandwiches, hot dogs, sausages, burgers and hot & cold beverages from the Buzz McCoy’s Marketplace and bring in to the theatre.

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