The Most Indestructible Buildings in America

Emma | 06 - 23 - 2021
One World Trade Center

Earthquakes are one of the most powerful natural calamities. It can destroy any building in a matter of seconds. Earthquakes can cause severe structural damage to buildings. Every building is built in a way to withstand earthquakes and natural calamities, buildings have to absorb seismic energy to protect themselves from earthquakes. However many buildings fail to withstand earthquakes. And also we humans are a part of nature so it’s difficult to fight with mother nature. But here we’ve clubbed the most indestructible buildings in America.

SLC Public Safety Building, Utah 

The Public Safety Building is a 335,000 square foot building and it has many features that include net-zero-energy performance (produces more energy than it consumes) and LEED platinum certification. The building also has 380KW of PV modules on the canopy and roof. This building is the home to all the public safety departments- the city’s police, fire, and emergency services. The building was designed by GSBS Architects and it is built in a way to withstand the largest credible earthquake, a major 7.4 seismic event. This building absorbs seismic shock and allows everyone inside the building safe. 

One World Trade Center, New York

One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the United States and western hemisphere. It is also the 6th tallest building in the world. The building project created a revolutionary impact on structural engineering and the main motto of the project team was to build the safest tallest building. The 1,776 foot strongest building in the world has the power to withstand powerful winds, blasts, and ground-level attacks. 

SLC Public Safety Building Can Withstand an Earthquake up to ____ Magnitude.
  • A. 5.5
  • B. 6.4
  • C. 7.4
  • D. 8.5

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Massachusetts 

The Spaulding Rehabilitation is a 262,000 square-foot hospital located in Charlestown Navy Yard. This Building is situated close to the Boston Navy Yard and prone to heavy flooding so the building is built 30 inches above the 500 years floodplain elevation. The granite beam outside the building can detect flooding, if the water gets through the first floor the upper floors will not be affected and it can be operated freely.

Wilshire Grand Center, Los Angeles 

Wilshire Grand Center, one of the sturdy buildings in America, is a 73-story tall building in downtown, Los Angeles. Due to its geographical location and tallest structure, it is specially designed to withstand earthquakes of up to 7.5 magnitude. Wilshire Grand Center not only withstand heavy seismic earthquakes but also high winds. 

AT&T Long Lines Building, New York 

AT & T’s Long Lines Building is a 550-foot-tall, 21-story unusual skyscraper. This building is the perfect example of Brutalist architecture and it was mainly built to protect humans from man-made calamities. The windowless building is constructed in a way to withstand earthquakes and nuclear bomb blasts. AT&T Long Lines can withstand earthquakes up to 8.3 in magnitude. The is one of the most indestructible buildings in America it can carry up to 200 to 300 pound-force per square feet and the glass in the building can withstand winds up to 300 miles per hour. 


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