The Reason the Queen Wears Bright Colors

Emma | 09 - 23 - 2020
The Reason the Queen Wears Bright Colors

There is a particular reason behind the queen’s choice of color and why they wear bright outfits. From bright colored hats to their coats, queens choose extremely colorful outfits. The queen never fades in the crowd- you can always catch her wearing bright colored clothes and matching hats. In every royal meeting or engagement, you can witness the queen’s bold fashion sense.   

According to the Queen’s biographer, Robert Hardman, she was once quoted as saying: “I can never wear beige because nobody will know who I am.”

Some of the details about the Queen’s fashion choices have also been revealed in the past, with when Royal author Sali Hughes claimed that the queen pays careful attention to which event she’s attending before choosing her dress.  

1. When Did Queen Elizabeth Start Carrying a Purse?
  • A. Since 1952
  • B. Since 1990
  • C. Since 1890
  • D. Since 1915

In her 2019 book ‘Our Rainbow Queen’, Sali wrote “She won’t attend an engagement at a grassy venue, like a racecourse or garden party, in camouflaging green. But she will happily deploy green to stand out where it’s needed.”  These details of the queen’s fashion choices have been also revealed.

Does the Queen of England ever wear the same outfit twice?

We all know that Queen Elizabeth‘s clothes are fashionably royal. But has any queen worn the same outfit twice? It is said that she has worn some of the same dresses more than once, but when she does it’s planned. For example, when she wore the same detailed pastel blue coat and matching dress during a visit to Malta at the Eden Foundation in Zetjun as well as Ladies Day At Royal Ascot in 2008.     

Why does Queen Elizabeth always carry a purse?

In an interview, in 2018 the CEO of Launer, Gerald Bodmer, explained the reason why the Queen always has a handbag with her “She doesn’t feel fully dressed without her handbag.”

We can’t picture the queen without her handbag. It is either hanging from her left arm or it is present on the floor next to her seat.

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