The Secret Behind Brand Logos and their hidden message

Elmira | 02 - 25 - 2022

Top Secret Behind Brand Logos

It is important for a consumer business to have a unique brand identity. The meaning of the brand vision lies in its name. Many brands are named after their founders whereas others have interesting origins. Some brands construct their own logo and some take inspiration from ancient mythology. We have rounded up the hidden message in logos and the secret behind brand logos. Read on to learn more about iconic logos of all time.



The word Amazon indicates ‘massive’ in which A and Z represent a smile that Amazon puts on every customer’s face. Its main motto is to provide a positive customer experience. Amazon started as an online bookstore and dramatically expanded to become the world’s largest eCommerce company. It is a widespread online store offering A to Z items.

What Is the Meaning of Dots in Dominos?
  • A. Three Awards
  • B. Three Pizzas
  • C. Three Restaurants
  • D. None of the Above


Apple logo’s meaning can be traced back to the time of Adam and Eve, who bit the apple of knowledge. The logo signifies humans’ hunger for knowledge and using Apple products may gain more knowledge and satisfy it.


The double-tailed mermaid or siren refers to an Italian medieval character Starbucks. The picture inspired the founder to make her the logo of the Seattle coffee shop.


NBC is a well-known American commercial radio and television network company located in New York. NBC’s logo is brilliantly crafted to represent specific meaning and convey brand mottos. The brand used an abstraction of a peacock to refer to the richness in color and encourage people to purchase color TVs. The latest logo features the peacock’s head reversed to face the right, to convey it is looking to the future.


The Gucci logo features two interlocked Gs. The initials were used in a very artistic and smart way. The logo is synonymous with luxury and sophistication.


In this logi, dominoes are arranged horizontally one above the other. Its three dots symbolize the first three restaurants where it all started. Tom Monaghan, founder Domino’s Pizza, decided to include a new dot every time a new restaurant opens. But the number of restaurants kept increasing, and they couldn’t keep up.


The trefoil emblem contains stripes representing the company’s focus on variety and the tree trefoil stands for three parts of the world including North America, Europe, and Asia, from where customers can purchase its products. The mountain shape symbolizes the idea of overcoming hurdles and achieving goals.

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