Must-Know Interesting Facts About Amazon

Eliza | 02 - 24 - 2022
Fascinating Facts about Amazon, one of the most successful online retail giants, was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994, in Bellevue, Washington. As of January 2022, was ranked the most visited e-commerce site and shopping website worldwide. From a wide range of products to same-day delivery services, Amazon never fails to impress its customers with its innovative ideas. Isn’t it important to know about the world-famous online retailer? So, we’ve clubbed some interesting facts about Amazon that you need to know. 

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Amazon

  1. Amazon was originally called Cadabra, Inc after the magical word, Abracadabra. A year later Jeff changed the name to because Cadabra sounds like a “cadaver.”
  2. Initially, Bezos thought of naming his online bookstore, Relentless, and he even registered a domain for the name. So even today, If you type, you will be redirected to the Amazon website. 
  3. Have you ever thought about what was the first product sold on Amazon? It was a book. The first book ever sold on Amazon was Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies by Douglas Hofstadter.
  4. Amazon is a pet-friendly company. More than 7,000 registered dogs are in Amazon headquarters in Seattle. On average, 500 dogs can be seen every day at work. 
  5. Many of them search for “what is the full form of Amazon?” Jeff Bezos chose Amazon because the website listing was alphabetical at the time. So Jeff was brainstorming names and came up with Amazon, which will also be a reference for his company’s size. 
  6. You can support the charity of your choice by purchasing through AmazonSmile. Amazon donates 0.5% from your eligible purchases, and it won’t cost an extra charge to you. Since its launch in 2013, Amazon has donated $306 million to US charities.
  7. The mascot of Amazon is a googly-eyed, orange, neckless toy named Percy. Only Amazonians know more about the mascot. 
  8. As of December 2021, More than 1.6 million employees are working in Amazon worldwide. 
  9. Amazon offers warehouse tours twice a day. More than 45 stores around the world offer warehouse tours. 
  10. Amazon introduced a curvy arrow that connects from A to Z in its logo in 2000. There are two meanings for the curvy arrow: first, it symbolizes that the store contains everything from A to Z; second, it looks like an iconic smile. 

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