The Weirdest UFO Facts That You Should Know

Vannessa | 06 - 11 - 2023
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Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have become an interesting topic after the advancement of Rocketry. Unknown or mysterious things always trigger people’s curiosity. UFOs and aliens have become an American cultural phenomenon. Though plenty of theories hover about aliens and UFOs, there is no exact explanation for extraterrestrial existence. There are many weird UFO facts that you might find thrilling, Here are some of the interesting facts.

The First UFO Sightings

 In 1947, the first UFO was sighted by Kenneth Arnold, a businessman. He happened to notice this occurrence on Mount Rainer in Washington while flying his small plane. He stated that the crescent-shaped object was speeding nearly a hundred miles per hour. They moved like Saucers skipping on water. 

Who reported the first UFO sighting?
  • A. Pilot
  • B. Kenneth Arnold
  • C. Alan Godfrey
  • D. None of the above

Alien Sightings Near Nuclear Power Plants

The U.S., military and intelligence personnel have been narrating numerous UAPs over the past 75 years near nuclear sites. They can only hypothesize about the origin of this mysterious phenomenon. However, the frequent sightings of UFOs raise the question of whether they might be initiated by rivals. 

Scientists Sent Aliens a Mixtape

In 1977, NASA invented a mixtape to send to Aliens. It had two LP records with global music, greetings in various languages, and sounds of planets. The LP records were fixed to two robotic probes to send a sign to extraterrestrial civilizations about human existence. 

Black Triangle UFO’s

Apart from the typical crescent shape or cigar-shaped UFO, a mysterious black triangle UFO has been repeatedly spotted. As they are found frequently hovering, They have been considered to be involved in some kind of surveillance. 

The Air Force Destroyed a Report of UFO Sightings by Two Pilots

In 1948, pilot Clarence S. Chiles and co-pilot John B witnessed a cigar-shaped UFO with windows. However, the Airforce demolished the report of the UFO sighting. Many assume that it was a secret Soviet space spy craft in American Air Space. 

UFOs Have Been Reported by All Walks of Life

People from all walks of life have reported witnessing UFO sightings. Including pilots, government officials, and the public.

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