Top 13 Animal Hunting Facts You Must Be Known

Iris | 11 - 19 - 2020
Animal Hunting Facts

Before some centuries hunting was one of the methods used to obtain food for hunger. But now it has become a sport where hunters and gatherers do hunt in some specific areas to control the wildlife population, but it has become a great threat to animal lives. There are many people who protest hunting due to animal protectionism. There are different types of hunting in different parts of the world. Read now to discover the animal hunting facts and hunting trivia below.


13 Interesting Animal Hunting Facts

Who Were the First Hunters?
  • A. Homo heidelbergensis
  • B. Homo antecessor
  • C. Homo ergaster
  • D. None of the Above


  • Humans begin hunting during the prehistoric age that is above 3 million years ago since then it has become a part of our civilization.
  • Researchers and archeologists believed that in the early ages hunters used to wait in the trees to hunt the animals without chasing and running behind them.
  • In the early neolithic era, dogs were trained to hunt alongside humans and some breeds like gundogs were used to hunt animals on their own.
  • Bows and arrows were the original methods of hunting for ages. But now blowpipes and guns are the most dangerous weapons a hunter can use.
  • The famous Australian boomerang, now a toy and tourist gift, was actually a hunting tool used for ages by Australian hunters and fighters.
  • After the arrival of agriculture, hunting became less important as people felt agriculture was essential. But still, there are people who opt for hunting rather than agriculture.
  • In North America, people hunt waterfowl, turkeys, deer, moose, bear, elk, caribou, bison, bighorn sheep, rabbit, squirrel, beaver, and other animals in order to survive.
  • In the United Kingdom hunting is one of the major important traditions and it has also been considered a sport for the upper-class peoples.
  • In Europe, wolves were considered to be vermin hence it was hunted by so many people. Due to overhunting the wolves no longer exist in the British Isles.
  • The most common animal trophy(displaying the hunted animal) in the United States is the snow goose which has been tracked and hunted in Canada.
  • In order to hunt, a person or a hunter requires a license or tag, and it takes 3.5 years of experience of hunting for a hunter to make their first kill.
  • There are some hunters who hunt animals for their specific parts of the body which include ivory tusks of elephants, horns of rhinos, and gall bladders of bears.
  • Edward James Jim Gorbett, a famous hunter who traveled alone during his hunting. He also hunted 19 tigers, 14 leopards, and 33 well-documented man-eaters.

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