Top 15 Most Valuable Unicorn Startups Worldwide

Julia | 27 - 12 - 2021
unicorn startup

There are over billions of startups in the world. Every startup strives to be successful but only a few reach the top and become successful companies. Unicorn startups are successful startups with a valuation of above $1 billion. There are around 900+ unicorn startups in the world. Among them, only some of the unicorn companies make quite successful impacts in software, healthcare, automotive, aerospace manufacturer, game developers, and other industries. 

Top 15 Highest-Valued Startup Companies

Here, we have enlisted the handful of companies that have massive reach, sales, and influence in the world. Today, these companies are at their peak, but to reach this stage they have also faced so many challenges and controversies. The below mentioned companies are not only the biggest startups in the world, but also they are considered to be the top decacorn (companies with a valuation of more than $10 billion) in the world. 

Founded onCompany Founder Valuation ($ in Billion)Country Industry 
2012ByteDanceZhang Yiming $280 ChinaArtificial Intelligence 
2011KuaishouSu Hua, Cheng Yixiao$160ChinaInternet
2014Antgroup Jack Ma$144ChinaFintech 
2008AirbnbBrian Chesky, Joe Gebbia,Nathan Blecharczyk$130California Lodging
2009SpaceXElon Musk$100USASpace Flight 
2009Stripe Patrick Collison and John Collison$95USAFintech 
2005Klarna Sebastian Siemiątkowski, Niklas Adalberth, Victor Jacobsson$46Sweden Fintech 
2004Roblox CorporationDavid Baszucki, Erik Cassel$41.9USAGaming
2013Canva Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, Cameron Adams$40AustraliaSoftware and Graphic Design
2012Instacart Apoorva Mehta, Max Mullen, Brandon Leonardo$39CaliforniaTechnology, E-grocery
2013DatabricksAli Ghodsi, 

How Many Unicorn Startups Are There in the World?
  • A. 700+
  • B. 800+
  • C. 900+
  • D. 1000+

Andy Konwinski, Ion Stoica, 

Matei Zaharia

$38California Data Management 
2005UiPathDaniel Dines, Marius Tîrcă$35New YorkAI, Robotic Process Automation
2015Revolut Nikolay Storonsky, Vlad Yatsenko$33England,UKFintech 
1991Epic Games Tim Sweetney $28.7USAGaming
2013Chime Chris Britt and Ryan King$25USAFinancial Service 


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