Top 5 Best Places to Skydive in the USA

Iris | 03 - 12 - 2021

There are so many best places to skydive in the USA. From that, deciding the coolest place to skydive is a little bit difficult. So we are here to help you out in finding the best drop-down place in the United States. Go through our blog to learn about the amazing places for skydiving in the United States.

1. Waialua, Hawaii

Skydive in Hawaii offers the best view of any other dropdowns in the USA. Tropical blue waters, lavish greenery forest, and white sandy beaches – watching this remarkable scenery from the bird’s eye view is a better way to experience the stand-up beauty of Hawaii. Skydivers in Hawaii offer jump from 12,000 feet, 14,000 feet, and 20,000 feet. They also offer 100 seconds of free fall.

2. Anchorage, Alaska

With its snow-capped mountains and colossal glaciers, Alaska should hit your mind first when it comes to skydiving. Alaska has lots of outdoor activities and, most importantly, Anchorage, one of the main gateways to experience the Last Frontier’s beauty from 10,000 feet in the air. Alaska skydive center located in the spectacular Mat-Su valley gives you the opportunity to experience Alaska’s exceptional beauty.

Where Is the Safest Place to Skydive?
  • A. Waialua, Hawaii
  • B. Anchorage, Alaska
  • C. Key West, Florida
  • D. San Diego, California

3. Key West, Florida

One of the best places to skydive on the east coast of the United States is Florida. It plays an important role in making your skydiving experience memorable. Of course, it is because of its view. The Panorama view of the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and the island’s strings are known as Key West. It offers an unparalleled view of Florida’s treasured coral reefs and encapsulated chromatic rivers through skydiving.

4. Poconos Mountains, Pennsylvania

Nothing can indeed beat the top view of beautiful forest peaks, alpine lakes, and Pennsylvania’s winding rivers. A myriad of outdoor activities awaits you in the Poconos Mountains. Few-hour travel from the northeastern city and you get to enjoy everything from a scenic train tour to your favorite skydiving. Pennsylvania also provides the most attractive drop over the foothills of the Poconos Mountains.

5. Skydive Perris, California

Skydive Perris is one of the best places to skydive in California and the only dropzone in California to offer balloon jumps. More than this, Skydive Perris also has its on-site wind tunnel and an expansive fleet of aircraft. They offer a free fall from 13,000 feet and a 5-minute canopy ride. If you are a first-timer, then Skydive Perris is the best place to experience it.

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