Top 7 Sustainable Architecture Projects

Vannessa | 02 - 12 - 2024
Top 7 Sustainable Architecture Projects

The main objective of the sustainable architecture project is to paint the town green.  

Sustainable architecture projects emphasize implementing environment-friendly buildings using natural materials and renewable energy. They help minimize the negative impact of buildings on the environment. Additionally, sustainable architecture reduces water consumption and waste production and improves energy efficiency. Here, you can check out the top seven innovative sustainable architecture projects.

Bosco Verticale, Milan

Where is the Bosco Verticale located?
  • A. Italy
  • B. America
  • C. India
  • D. London

The Bosco Verticale, also called Vertical Forest, is situated in Milan, Italy. The vertical forest remains the epitome of environment-friendly architecture projects. It comprises two buildings standing 116 mm and 84 m in height and is wrapped with countless trees, shrubs, and plants. These Eco-friendly skyscrapers were constructed in order to create a sustainable natural environment in urban cities. The Bosco Verticle’s greenish architecture helps create a microclimate and remains a habitat for 1600 biological species.

Copen Hill, Copenhagen

Copen Hill also called Amager Bakke, is located in Copenhagen Downtown. The fascinating thing about Copen Hill is that it is constructed with a power plant that can generate electricity by carbonizing waste. Spanning over 16,000 square meters it features an urban recreation center, environmental education and 500 meters ski slope for sports purposes. 

The Edge, Amsterdam

The Edge is a remarkable green building with app-control technology. It is located in the center of Amsterdam. The Edge is the most Eco-friendly working space with distinctive technology attributes. This property was built with natural materials that could absorb heat and produce energy.  Additionally, cutting-edge sun-shading technology helps with glare reduction.

Crystal, London

Crystal is an award-winning green architecture located in London. The building features a variety of energy-saving elements such as an electric vehicle charging station, a wind turbine and solar-powered photovoltaic panels. Crystal is the best example of the utilization of renewable energy sources.

Suzlon One Earth, India

Suzlon One Earth is located in India, which is an Eco-friendly corporate campus in India. It consists of five individual buildings each named after five natural elements – sun, aqua, sky, tree and sea. Inspired by some historical sites like Fatehpur Sikri and the Meenakshi temple in Madurai, they constructed this Eco-friendly land scraper.

Bullitt Centre, Washington

The Bullitt Centre was established in 2013 on earth day and is located in Seattle, Washington. 

The entire energy consumption is depending on the 575 solar panels of the structure. The Bullitt Centre has included the rainwater harvesting system as well. 

Eden Project, Cornwall

The Eden Project is located in Cornwall, England. It comprises two huge bowl-like structures covering numerous plants in adjoining domes, encouraging rainforest and Mediterranean environment.

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