Tourist attractions that no longer exist

Iris | 03 - 23 - 2023

We all would love to visit tourist attractions in a particular locality and capture memories of the moments spent. But can you believe certain tourist attractions once existed and had several people visiting no longer exists for you to have your experience? Here are some lost tourist attractions of the past that were destroyed by accidents, natural calamities or brought down due to specific reasons. 

Pink and White terraces

These terraces, which were located in New Zealand, looked like a painting with colorful deposits of silica sinter filled with chloride water. The deposited silica sediments were the largest to exist in the world. An eruption of Mount Tarawera in 1886 led to the destruction of the picturesque spot and one of the most beautiful tourist destinations that no longer exist

The crystal palace

The large hall built during the time of Queen Victoria held several exhibitions in London. The palace was one of its kind monumental structure with major components made of glass. The crystal palace was rebuilt eventually but collapsed in a fire accident. The remains of the crystal palace were demolished to ensure no acts of terror, as it was a potential spot for preparations. Thus, the crystal palace has become one of the historical landmarks that have disappeared.

Where was the pink and white terrace located?
  • A. New Zealand
  • B. Greece
  • C. Rome
  • D. Italy

Guaira Falls

The falls that stood tall across the Paraguay and Brazil borders had a drop of 375 feet with 18 falls. The water from the falls gushed at a great speed, and it was heard from about 20 miles away. The falls remained a tourist attraction for several years, as the volume of the water falling was significantly higher than any other existing ones, making it stand out from the rest. A reservoir was constructed to channelise the water flow into energy when both the governments sharing the falls in its border joined hands. Guaira falls, is also one of the famous tourist sites that are now extinct. 

Holy Land USA

A religious water park that is several times larger than Disneyland remains abandoned. The 18-acre widespread theme park designed with passages from the bible had a fusion of worship and fun one could get from a theme park. A scandal and mismanagement of the organization brought the theme park down. Holy Land USA also becomes one of the tourist attractions that have been lost to time.

Sutro Baths

The large and sophisticated set of swimming pools built by Adolf Sutro gained great popularity among people. There were seven saltwater swimming pools with glass roofs covering the top providing a relaxing experience. The world’s largest indoor pool was quite a task for the family of Mr. Sutro to manage after his death. A few modifications intending people’s visits did not bring in fortune. The indoor pool eventually burned down in a fire accident. The remnants of the pool’s structure stay in place. 

Hope you gained some knowledge on the tourist attractions that have been lost to time. Check out our quiz below to test your understanding.

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