Top Debated and Unsolved Movie Endings of All Time

Emma | 07 - 04 - 2020
Top Debated and Unsolved Movie Endings of All Time

There are lots of movies with ambiguous endings or movies with multiple endings leaving us curious and speechless for a minute. Here are some of the most confusing movies of all time.


Christopher Nolan’s famous psychological thriller ‘Inception’ is still one of the most debated movies of all time. The movie’s confusing ending made everyone curious. The whole movie was about entering dreams and planting ideas in people’s heads. After all this Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) finally returns to his children, he spins his totem one last time to find if he is still stuck in his dream but he figures out he doesn’t care anymore so he just leaves before the totem rests. So this movie ends as an unsolved puzzle for all of us.

The Italian job:

The 1969 comedic heist film is about a criminal gang trying to steal gold bullion in Italy. But in the end they find themselves trapped at the end. And the gang leader Michael Caine says that he has a great plan. But we never what his plan was. The cliffhanger ending is one of the most confusing movie endings.

1. How Does Dom Cobb Find Out If He Is Stuck in a Dream or in Reality?
  • A. Spins a top
  • B. Pinches himself
  • C. Shouts
  • D. None of the above


Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) is an American black comedy-drama film with a weird ending. In the whole movie Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton) a professional actor thinks that he is a superhero and he can fly. But in end, he actually jumps off a building and flies and Alejandro G. Iñárritu the director shows the astonishment in Sam’s (Emma Stone) face and so we have been convinced that he can fly. We still don’t know what really happened and are left curious.

Taxi driver:

Martin Scorsese’s Taxi driver movie has a bloody and confusing climax leaving us not knowing what is real and what is fantasy. In this whole movie Travis (Robert De Niro) a loner who lives in his own world trying to help a prostitute. At the end he tries to sacrifice himself but runs out of bullets and lays there drenched in blood when the police arrive and the screen blacks out leaving us curious and confused!

Apart from all these films most of the horror movies have an unsolved ending. It always has a continuation leaving us wondering.

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