Which TV Show Did a Young Leonardo Dicaprio First Star In?

Leia Smith | 04 - 07 - 2024
Leonardo DiCaprio’s First TV Role - Growing Pains

Many of us know Leonardo DiCaprio as an extremely talented actor, producer, and environmental activist. Using his acting prowess, he has been mesmerizing people all over the world. Whether it is “Titanic,” in which he plays the lovable “Jack,” or “The Revenant,” which won the actor his Oscar, DiCaprio captures the audience with his talent and hard work. However, many of us would not know how he started his acting career, or in which TV show he first starred. So, let’s take some time to look at Leonardo DiCaprio’s first TV role. 

Leonardo DiCaprio’s First TV Role

 Leonardo DiCaprio’s First TV Role

Growing Pains” is a sitcom series that featured on television during 1985-1992. It was the first show that Leonardo DiCaprio started his acting career in. The actor made guest appearances in TV shows, such as “The New Lassie” and “Roseanne.” Later, he performed in a family drama series called, “Parenthood,” where he met actor, Tobey Maguire, and both have been friends since then. But the drama series, “Growing Pains,” remains his first-ever successful TV show, which had him in the episodes from 1991 to 1992. Since we are talking about TV shows and series, you may find these longest-running primetime television series interesting.

All about the TV Show

All about Leonardo DiCaprio First TV Role 

Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar for Titanic.
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“Growing Pains” is a family comedy where The Revenant star played the role of a teenage boy named Luke Brower. He was cast with actors, such as Alan Thicke, Joanna Kerns, Kirk Cameron, Tracey Gold, Jeremy Miller, and Ashley Johnson. The series portrayed the day-to-day lives of a regular American family, the “Seavers,” and the characters they met, in a hilarious and witty manner. The family included the father, Jason, the mother, Maggie, and their kids, Ben, Mike, and Carol.

DiCaprio played the role of a homeless child until the Seaver family took him with them. It is no wonder that subtle love and warmth in the series made it one of the most popular TV series back in the 80s and 90s. The series consisted of 166 episodes and ran for 7 seasons.

Who Were the Other Notable Actors in the Show?

Other Actors in Leonardo DiCaprio's First TV Role

Alan Thicke, who portrayed the role of Jason (the father), had a lot to say when asked about the “Growing Pains’ set and young Leonardo. Thicke stated that Leonardo was extremely funny and also very helpful to the other actors on the set. 

Joanna Kerns, who did the role of Maggie Seaver (the mother) in Leonardo DiCaprio’s first TV show, has also stated that DiCaprio was “especially intelligent and disarming for his age.” Joanna has added that the young actor was also highly mischievous on the set.

Many don’t know that the show also had young Brad Pitt, who acted in different roles in the same series during 87 and 89. Yes, DiCaprio and Pitt, the two Hollywood legends, started their careers on the same television show! But it is regrettable for the fans that they were never seen together in any of the movies until the flick, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” directed by Quentin Tarantino, who made all our wishes come true by casting these two stars in his movie. Brad Pitt spoke about this during the press interview for the same movie sitting next to none other than DiCaprio. The viewers could sense the nostalgia that both of them went through while talking about their first TV show.

Brad Pitt said, “But we did start on the same television show.” “Growing Pains,” DiCaprio responded at once.  But both the actors were not able to tell the year they acted, and DiCaprio stated, “I mean, we’re talking decades ago”.

More about Leonardo Dicaprio

About Leonardo DiCaprio

Now that you have an idea of young Leonardo DiCaprio’s first role, let’s know a bit more about the actor himself!

Leonardo DiCaprio was born on 11th November 1974, in Los Angeles, California. His parents named him “Leonardo” because his pregnant mom felt the boy’s first kick when she was looking at a painting by Leonardo da Vinci! If paintings are your cup of tea, read these unbelievable facts about expensive paintings

The actor’s parents got a divorce when he was just a kid. Young Leonardo wanted to become either a marine biologist or an actor. However, he turned out to be the latter! When he was still young, he attended around 100 auditions but did not get selected in any of them. He was about to give up acting, but his dad encouraged him to try again. Soon, he acquired a talent agent, following which young Leonardo secured roles in as many as 20 commercials!

DiCaprio began gaining worldwide recognition for his exceptional acting talent and has starred in numerous critically acclaimed films throughout his career.

However, DiCaprio’s breakthrough role came in 1993 when he portrayed the mentally challenged teenager, Arnie Grape, in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” He further established himself as a prominent actor with his performances in movies, such as “Romeo + Juliet” (1996) and “Titanic” (1997), which became one of the highest-grossing films of all time. Talking about romantic movies like Romeo + Juliet, you may also like to read about Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating history.

Leonardo Dicaprio’s First Movie Role

About Leonardo DiCaprio First Movie Role

In 1991, DiCaprio made his movie debut in “Critters 3.” It was a horror sequel in which young Leonardo played the stepson of a landlord. Years later, DiCaprio described his role in the movie as “your average, no-depth, standard kid with blond hair.”

The Multifaceted Personality

Leonardo DiCaprio

As stated earlier, beyond his acting achievements, DiCaprio is also involved in environmental activism. He established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998, which focuses on environmental conservation and the protection of Earth’s biodiversity.

Leonardo Dicaprio and His First Role Ever

Leonardo DiCaprio First TV Role Ever

“Growing Pains,” in addition to being Leonardo DiCaprio’s first TV role, also gave him a new experience. Even though the great actor has played several roles in TV series and acted in numerous successful movies like Titanic and The Revenant, “Growing Pains” takes the place as his first-ever television show, and will be etched in his heart forever! You can also read about the bizarre Titanic movie facts, if you wish to know more about the movies in which the actor has starred.

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