Travel-Top 10 Tourist Attractions in New York

Vannessa | 12 - 01 - 2023
Top 10 Tourist Attractions in New York

10 Tourist Attractions in New York

Probably the world’s most popular city to visit, New York is the liveliest place one can be in. From larger-than-life street shopping to astounding skyscrapers, NYC is a must-visit no matter which country you belong to. Here is a list of 10 top tourist attractions in New York every travel enthusiast would love touring. 

1. The Empire State Building

A whooping 102-story tower that has been a symbol of America’s pride, the Empire State Building was opened in 1931. Built-in a span of just 20 months, it was the tallest building in the world before the World Trade Center. With around 85 offices and 2 observatories, the Empire State deserves a definite visit.

2. Statue of Liberty

Gifted by France as a symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty stands tall on Liberty Island in NYC. A boat trip to the island is available and tickets have to be booked prior to visit the statue. 

1. Which Is the World’s First Steel Suspension Bridge?
  • A. Golden Gate Bridge
  • B. Sydney Harbor Bridge
  • C. Brooklyn Bridge
  • D. George Washington Bridge

3. Times Square

With unlimited food options, exciting shopping malls, and places that guarantee unmatched fun, Times Square is all about living life at its best. Initially called Longacre Square, millions visit this place for the New Year Eve’s ball drop celebration.

4. 9/11 Memorial & Museum

A tear-jerking memorial built in remembrance of the Twin Tower attack, the 9/11 memorial and museum contain nearly 10,000 artifacts. It is also famous for having the largest manmade waterfalls that stretch to an area of 1-acre each located exactly where the towers stood first. With more than 3000 victims’ names inscribed on the granite walls of the waterfalls, visit to have an emotional experience 

5. Central Park

Enjoy natural scenic bliss in the heart of the city at Central Park. The lake, strawberry fields, and the Central Park Zoo are some of the attractions of this beautiful park. 

6. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is one of the busiest NYC bridges and is also the world’s first steel suspension bridge. Built over the East River, it extends from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

7. Wall Street

Well, this busy street houses America’s stock exchanges. Take a walk and meet with agents if you are interested in stocks and trading.

8. Rockefeller Center

Experience endless entertainment, food, fun, and shopping at the Rockefeller Center located in Manhattan. Do not miss the city’s beauty from the Center’s observatory. 

9. Fifth Avenue

Visit Fifth Avenue if you are in for some serious shopping. You can find flagship stores like Tiffany, Apple Store, Cartier, etc in this particular avenue which extends from Central Park to the New York Library

10. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Take a tour of this ancient museum if you have a love for art. It was founded in 1870 and has more than 2 million artworks from across the globe.

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