UN General Assembly, President Speech at UNGA

Elmira | 09 - 23 - 2021
president speech at UNGA

During his half-hour speech, US president Joe Biden encouraged countries to fight together against COVID-19. He delivered his first UN Assembly speech on Tuesday morning and urged countries to “work together as never before” because the world needs to stand together “at an inflection point in history” to fight against the novel Coronavirus. Biden stated the US withdrawal on the river against Afghanistan and decided to continue diplomacy.

Joe Biden’s Address at UNGA

Speaking for the first time in the US assembly, he urged for the nation’s allies and called on countries to contribute to the fight against Covid-19, climate change, human rights, and “new threats” from increasing technology. He called on the world to turn the conflict toward coordination to fight against urgent threats of climate change and disease. In his speech, he described the world’s challenges, “As we look ahead, we will lead on all the greatest challenges of our time, from Covid to climate, peace and security, human dignity, and human rights,” “But we will not go it alone. We’ll lead together, with our allies and partners and in cooperation with all those who believe as we do.”

Who Is the Current US Representative to the UN General Assembly?
  • A. Linda Thomas-Greenfield
  • B. Joey Thomas-Greenfield
  • C. Jennet Thomas-Greenfield
  • D. Georgia Thomas-Greenfield

Biden wants to pursue a peaceful resolution and doesn’t want a new cold war. He even mentioned the withdrawal of around 3000 US troops in Afghanistan. It is best to end the 20-year-old rivalry against Afghanistan. He isn’t looking for a cold war, wants cooperation with countries rather than competing with them. “As the United States turns our focus to the priorities and the regions like the Indo-Pacific that are most consequential today and tomorrow we’ll do so with our allies and partners through the cooperation of multilateral institutions like the United Nations to amplify our collective strength and speed,” Biden said.

Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Speech

Moving forward, Biden discussed the Covid-19 situation. He said, only working together can save more lives, and we need to take the necessary steps to prepare ourselves for the next pandemic. He even said bullets and bombs can not protect against Covid-19 or its upcoming variants. To fight back the pandemic, we must act together. We need to work unitedly to get shots and increase access to oxygen, treatments, and tests to save more lives worldwide. The US president confirmed that his administration is investing over $15 billion towards the COVID-19 response. The US also shipped over 160 million doses of vaccines to other countries, including 130 million dollars from their supply. He spoke on Wednesday regarding a new security partnership with the UK and Australia to counter China’s military development. He highlighted Beijing’s attempts to neglect the international rules and norms.

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