Unbelievable Popsicle History and Facts

Ashley | 07 - 28 - 2020
Unbelievable Popsicle History and Facts

Popsicle is nothing but an ice lolly. We all have had it at least once in our lifetime as it is a reminder of our sweet sunny days. It is a famous non-dairy frozen snack and contains 90% water. Sugar, corn syrup, stabilizers, and gum are other ingredients used in popsicles. These ingredients are what give us a pleasant texture called “mouth feel”. But when was the popsicle invented? How were popsicles invented? And how long have popsicles been around? Want to know more about popsicle history and popsicle origin? This article explains everything about popsicle invention

Popsicle History

Firstly, who invented the popsicle? It was invented in Northern California in 1905 by an 11-year-old boy named Frank Epperson, a Bay Area kid. He just poured sugary soda powder into a glass of water and he then started mixing it with a wooden stick. He accidentally lefts his drink overnight in the cold Bay Area. He didn’t know that the next 24 hours would change his life. When he came back the next morning he noticed that the drink was frozen. When he licked it, it tasted really good and he realized he had accidentally invented something new so he started selling it to his friends and neighbors. His classmates were the first to buy his invention. He then wanted to grow his business so he started to sell them at Neptune Beach, an amusement park. People started buying them eagerly. In 1922, he introduced it to the public in Oakland Ball for fireman. His invention was a huge success as it was a delicious frozen confection that could be consumed without using hands or spoons as it usually came along with a stick.

He named it Eppsicles, a contraction of his name and the word icicle. It is long rumored that his kids started to call it pop’s cicle. Later, in 1923, he patented his concept of frozen ice with a stick. Some claims say that it is a combination of Lolly ‘pop’ and Ice’cle’. Either way, it was a big hit and around 2 billion popsicles are sold each year. Now there are multiple varieties of popsicles sold around the world but it is all based on Frank’s idea. It is currently owned by Unilever, which sells different flavors of popsicles like orange, grape, firecracker, and minions but the cherry flavor still tops the list.

1. A Popsicle May Contain 30 to 50 Calories.
  • A. True
  • B. False

Common Popsicle Facts

  • August 26th is celebrated as National Cherry popsicle day and May 27th is celebrated as grape popsicle day.
  • Popsicles were once sold for 5 cents.
  • The dual popsicles were introduced with two sticks in one popsicle so that buyers can split it in half. It was specially invented during The Great Depression so that people can buy only one popsicle and split them.
  • The room temperature of the popsicle is 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • In 1997, the Dutch created a 21-foot popsicle. It holds the record for the largest popsicle in the world.
  • They were originally marketed as a “frozen drink on a stick”
  • An air force unit during the Second World War declared popsicles as one of their symbols to denote American life.
  • Popsicle Pete was a popular character introduced in the Buck Rogers radion show in the 25th-century. It was also featured in other ads and commercials.
  • The popsicle sticks are usually made from birch wood.
  • In the beginning, the popsicles were believed to have 7 flavors- banana, orange, grape, cherry, root beer, lemon, and watermelon. But there is no proven evidence.
  • Today, there more than 25 varieties of popsicles sold.
  • A man in Nebraska was the driver of the first “Ice cream truck” who went to distribute the ice pops.
  • The popsicles always come with popsicle stick jokes that put a little smile on your face.
  • A popsicle may contain 30 to 50 calories and does not contain any other nutrients. Some companies also offer popsicles made from pure fruit juice so you can also buy them if you are concerned about your children’s health.
  • You can often see people who cannot bite a popsicle as they have sensitive teeth so Kombucha popsicles were designed by Ruby Schechter for people with sensitive teeth. They come in different flavors such as cherry, pineapple.

If you are worried about the amount of sugar the popsicle contains you can buy sugar-free frozen popsicles. Otherwise, you can also make it at home by adding a desirable amount of sugar. It is not a complicated process to make popsicles, it can be made at home but it may not last long. When you buy popsicles it can be stored for about 6 to 8 months when stored at a suitable temperature. But if you notice an unpleasant odor or flavor it must be discarded.

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