Uncover the 16 Surprising Kool-Aid Health Facts

Julia | 10 - 20 - 2020
Facts About Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid Health Facts

  1. Mostly milk will be the state drink for all the states. But the state of Nebraska declared Kool-aid as its official state soft drink in 1998.
  2. The fruit-flavored Kool-aid drink was initially sold in liquid form in a 4 ounce corked glass bottle. But later it was transformed into a powdered drink as the shipping of Kool-aid creates a major problem.
  3. The Kool-aid man “The pitcher ” was created on July 10, 1954,  by Marvin potts, an art director for a New York advertising agency. He created a pitcher man as a glass pitcher with a wide smile and filled it with a Kool-aid.
  4. Kool-aid was invented by Edwin Perkins, a mail-order merchant of all sorts of products. In 1927, Perkins gave an idea of including a fruity soft drink rather than a powdered drink.
  5. Hastings used to celebrate a festival called Kool-aid days on the second weekend of august month every summer. During this weekend festival there occurs to be numerous contests like Watermelon seeds spitting, Kool-aid chugging contest, beauty pageants, boat races, and car shows.
  6. More than 563 million gallons of Kool-aid are sold and consumed every year. In that, nearly 225 gallons of Kool-aid was sold during summer alone. During its depression period, the cost of Kool-aid was dropped from 10 cents to 5 cents which brings a major profit to Kool-aid.
  7. Like other mascots and heroes, Kool-aid man also has its own comic books called “The Adventures of Kool-aid” which was published by marvel comics in three issues #1-3 from 1983-1985. Later they continued its issues from #4-9 under Archie comics.
  8. The Kool-aid was first called Fruit smack, later it was changed to Kool-aid in 1934. The Kool-aid brand was purchased by general foods in 1953 and now it is a part of the famous Kraft Heinz.
  9. When Kool-aid was first introduced, it didn’t have so many flavors in it. They just had only six original flavors – Cherry, raspberry, lemon-lime, orange, grape, and strawberry. In the later years, Kool-aid has been sold in the amazing rainbow color of 20 flavors.
  10. As the color in Kool-aid stains easily, it can also be used as a dye. In 1990, it was a trend to dye your hair with Kool-aid as it is cost-efficient and cheaper than a salon. The famous Kurt Kobain also dyed his blonde hair with Kool aid’s vibrant red color.
  11. Kool-aid pickles known as “Koolicks” were also available exclusively in many gas stations. But a fruit punch flavored version called “Tropickles” has made its way to Walmart.
  12. In 2005, Kraft Heinz released a Kool-aid invisible powder that turns clear when mixed in water. It won’t stain your upper lips, teeth, and clothes. Kool-aid invisible is an unsweetened soft drink mix that is made up of watermelon and kiwi flavored.
  13. In 1975, Kool-aid man made his first appearance on television advertising. The Kool-aid mascot was introduced in the print ads after General foods purchased the brand in 1920.
  14. In 2011, Time Magazine honored the Kool-aid man as one of the creepiest mascots of all time. The Kool-aid man also made several appearances on small screens like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Robot Chicken.
  15. Before Edwin invented Kool-aid he sold medicines and household products door to door by mail order. To reduce the shipping costs he made a powdered version and named it “Kool-Ade” and later it has been renamed “Kool-aid”.
  16. Is Kool-aid bad for you? Yes, it is bad for you. One bottle of Kool-aid contains 20 grams of sugar(5 teaspoons of sugar) it and also Kool-aid facts say that the color dye in it causes inflammation to children. Continuous intake of Kool-aid causes obesity, diabetes and it may also lead to cancer.

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