Unknown Details behind Christmas Tree Traditions

Iris | 12 - 06 - 2021
Christmas tree traditions

Christmas tradition is decorating the tree with colorful decorations and beautiful ornaments. Each family’s Christmas tree decorating styles differ from one another. Discover everything you need to know about Christmas tree traditions here. And, also get to know how people from all over the world follow Christmas tree decoration traditions? Play our family Christmas tree decorating quiz to find more unique details about the Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Traditions around the World

  • France – Red Apples 

Before some centuries, people from France used real fruits to decorate their Christmas trees. It didn’t last long as they suffered from bad harvesting for one year. During those periods, people used glass ornaments to decorate the trees. Red Apple decorations are widely seen on French trees due to their strong association with the Garden of Eden.

Does Christmas Tree Tradition Begin from Pagans?
  • A. Yes
  • B. No
  • Ukraine – Spider, and Spiderwebs 

Spiders and spiderwebs are mostly connected to Halloween. But in Ukraine, glittery spiders and spiderwebs were used for Christmas tree decoration. Even though it is a myth, the famous folktale says hanging spiders on Christmas trees will turn into gold on Christmas morning.

  • USA – Popcorn on a string 

Decorating a Christmas tree with popcorn on a string is a famous tradition followed by American families in the early ‘50s and ‘60s. It is hardly believed that decorating Christmas trees with food is to feed birds and other animals. During those times, Christmas trees were kept outdoors.

  • Australia – Shell Ornaments

As you can see, Christmas in Australia falls in summer, and you can observe them in the Christmas tree decorations. Different types of shells are used to decorate the trees.

  • Finland – Geometric Structures

Geometric Structure is one of the main traditions of decorating Christmas trees in Finland. Different geometric shapes are made from rye straw, and they will be hung on Christmas trees. They hardly believed that these geometric shapes would bring good luck in harvesting.

  • Denmark – Paper Hearts

Homemade paper hearts called “julehjerter” are popular in Denmark. This julehjerte is made by pleating and plaiting red and white paper into a heart shape.

  • Sweden – Garlands of National Flag

In Sweden, the national flag is used for Christmas decorations. Swedes are so proud of their nation. Hence they made garlands of the national flag to wrap around the Christmas tree.

  • Japan – Origami Birds 

Christmas is not celebrated in Japan, but there are some people who are fond of Christmas and celebrate Christmas with little tree decorations. They used to make handmade origami birds hang on Christmas trees.


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