Alabama Trivia

How well do you know Alabama? We provide interesting facts about the Yellowhammer State and you can play fun Alabama quizzes online. Alabama is called the "Heart of Dixie" and the "Cotton State". The state’s capital is Montgomery. Read important information about Alabama and play Alabama trivia games to test your knowledge. In Alabama trivia facts, you will learn about state history, geography, culture, sports, and much more. Take this Alabama trivia quiz and impress your friends with your knowledge about the state. Discover fascinating facts about Eufaula (the oldest oak), the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer, the White Cliffs of Epes, also learn nicknames for Alabama and much more. We provide amazing facts about the state along with fun Alabama trivia questions and answers for free

Alabama History Trivia

Did you know these historical facts and interesting bits of information about Alabama? Alabama has a fascinating history. The state capital Montgomery was the capital of the Confederate States of the USA during the Civil War. Alabama has had a total of five capitals. In 1836, the state was the first US state to announce Christmas a legal holiday. Learn more fascinating historical facts that you may not know about the state. Did you know? Alabama got its name from the Alabama River. Alabama history quiz talks about Sheriff Pat Garrett, the first Mardi Gras celebration, plank roads in Alabama, The Saturn V rocket, and more. Play our Alabama history trivia games to test your history knowledge. You can share Alabama history trivia questions to your friends and family.

Alabama Geography Trivia

Play our fun Alabama geography quiz online! The geography of Alabama describes the state's natural resources, famous tourist attractions, monuments, mountains, rivers, and much more. Alabama provides topographical diversity. It is a state in the Southeastern region of the US. It is bordered by Georgia to the east, Mississippi to the west, Tennessee to the north and Georgia to the east. Did you know? Alabama forms a roughly rectangular shape on the map. The state is the 24th most populous and the 30th largest state by area in the United States of America. Discover more surprising geographical facts with our fun Alabama geography trivia. We provide the best Alabama geography trivia to test your geography knowledge of Alabama.

Alabama Sports Trivia

The best Alabama sports trivia questions are here! Both baseball and basketball are popular sports in Alabama. Alabamians also love soccer, volleyball, golf rowing, cross country, softball, swimming/diving, tennis, and track, and field. How much do you know the history of Alabama football? Test your knowledge of football by taking our Alabama football trivia. Discover the latest football news, events and also play the fun Alabama football quiz to test your football knowledge. You can share Alabama football trivia questions with your friends and can show off your knowledge. Our sports trivia covers information about Birmingham Hammers (Soccer), Birmingham Barons (baseball), Birmingham Black Widows (football), and also about Alabama Crimson Tide – Tuscaloosa and more.

Alabama Facts and Trivia

Looking for interesting facts about Alabama? Alabama is known for its iron and steel natural resources. It has wetlands, grasslands, and open grassy woodlands. The state has the largest cast-iron statue in the world. Discover more mind-blowing facts about the state and also take the fun Alabama trivia quiz to test your knowledge. If you want to expand your general knowledge, read our Alabama trivia facts. It covers information about ghost town(the first capital of the state), Kate Jackson, star of the TV shows, bronze statues of band members, two national monuments such as Russell Cave National Monument, Little River Canyon National Preserve, The country's first 911 call and more. Improve your knowledge with our fun Alabama facts and trivia now.

We also provide the best natural disasters quiz to test your general knowledge and general awareness. Read our interesting Alabama sports blogs and also play fun NFL trivia games online. If you have any questions related to the state, you can mention them in the comments section.