This Hawaii Animals Quiz Will Leave You in Surprise!

Elmira | 21 - 02 - 2021

Hawaii islands contain a variety of wildlife, native animals, and other species. If you are a lover of animals, this Hawaii animals quiz is for you. Learn mind-blowing facts about these interesting animals in the Hawaii quiz. Our Hawaii animal quiz talks about Hawaiian Monk Seal, Hoary Bat, Green Sea Turtles, Humpback Whale, and more. If you are interested in learning more about animals that are native to Hawaii, you are in the right place. Next time if you planned to visit Hawaii mountains or oceans, do check these animals from Hawaii. Put your Hawaii knowledge to test with our amazing Hawaii animals quiz. 

1. What Is Hawaii’s State Fish?

2. Which One of the Following Is Listed as an Endangered Taxon of the United States?

3. Which Animal Is Known as “Honu” by the Locals?

4. Where Is the Best Place to See Humpback Whales in Hawaii?

5. How Many Hawaii Rays Are There?

6. Which Is the Rarest Goose in the World?

7. Which Animal Is Called Hawaii’s Replacement for Squirrels?

8. When Did Chameleon Come to Hawaii?

9. What Do Spinner Dolphins Eat?

10. How Many Types of Sharks Are in Hawaii?

11. How Many Animals Are Native to Hawaii?

12. How Much Do Hawaiian Monk Seals Weigh?

13. Which Is the Most Dangerous Shark in Hawaii?

14. Which Animal Is Called Ilikai?

15. Spinners Reproduce Every Four Years.