Hawaii Fun Facts and Trivia

Triviasharp’s Hawaii facts and trivia explains everything about the island state’s history, geography, sports, entertainment, etc. Hawaii is the only state with two official languages, and many such amazing features. The state even has its own time zone, The Hawaiian Standard Time. Get to know them all in our Hawaii trivia facts. From inventing surfing to banning billboards, there are several interesting facts about Hawaii.

Can You Score 15/15 in Our Hawaii’s Theme Park Quiz?
Did you know? You can swim with 300,000 dolphins in Hawaii’s water park. Play our Hawaii theme park quiz to learn more.
This Hawaii Animals Quiz Will Leave You in Surprise!
How much do you know about Hawaii animals? This brain-stretching quiz will test your Hawaii knowledge.
Get to Know Hawaiian Nene Birds Facts!
Did you know? Nene goose can fly but it lays its eggs in the ground! Play the quiz and discover the unknown nene bird facts.
Can You Pass This Hawaii Entertainment Quiz?
Our Hawaii entertainment quiz is all you need to learn about the food, heritage, dance, and culture of Hawaii. Attempt today!
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