Get to Know Hawaiian Nene Birds Facts!

Eliza | 13 - 02 - 2021

The Nene is the rarest species of goose in the world and it is also Hawaii’s state bird. Today there are only 2500 nene geese left and it will soon become extinct. Usually, it is pronounced in the wrong way as “ni-ni” but the right way to pronounce it is “nay-nay” which comes from its soft call. Though Nene can fly it lays its eggs in the ground. This quiz helps you to know unknown facts about nene goose. Play our Hawaiian Nene goose quiz and know more about nene bird facts!

1. How Many Nene Geese Are Left 2020?

2. What Eats the Nene Goose?

3. When Did the Nene Become Hawaii's State Bird?

4. What Does Nene Mean in Hawaiian?

5. Can Nene Birds Fly?

6. How Long Do Nene Geese Live?

7. Does Nene Mate for Life?

8. Are Nene Endangered?

9. Breeding Season for Nene Is From?

10. Breeding Season for Nene Is From?

11. Both Male and Female Nene Goose Are Similar in Appearance

12. Nene Geese Are _______

13. Nene Bird Build Their Nest on the Grounds

14. Nene Population Was Just 30 In______

15. The Nene Is the World's Rarest Goose?