Can You Pass This Hawaii Entertainment Quiz?

Vannessa | 29 - 12 - 2020

Planning a trip to the beautiful Hawaiian islands? Test your knowledge on the culture, traditions, dance, and heritage of Hawaii in our Hawaii entertainment quiz. From the Hollywood movies filmed on the island to the TV series set in Hawaii, this Hawaii entertainment trivia is your one-stop destination to learn this and much more. Take up the Hawaii entertainment quiz today!

1. What Is Hawaiian Luau?

2. What Is the Hawaiian Dance Called?

3. Has Hawaii Banned Fireworks?

4. Hawaii Five-O Is a ____________.

5. Which Is the State Flower of Hawaii?

6. Which Among the Following Is a Traditional Hawaiian Food?

7. Does Each Island in Hawaii Have an Official Color?

8. When Was the State Anthem of Hawaii Proclaimed?

9. ____________ Is the Most Popular Commercially Grown Crop in Hawaii.

10. Is There a Concept of Daylight Saving in Hawaii?

11. How Many Islands Make up Hawaii?

12. Hula Performers Wear __________ Skirts.

13. Where Does the Annual Hula Competition Take Place in Hawaii?

14. Which of the Following Period Movies Was Shot in Hawaii?

15. King David Kalakaua Was the Last King of Hawaii.