The Mall of America & LEGOLAND Minnesota

Ashley | 11 - 09 - 2021

No matter how hard they stub the toes, the fascination with LEGO blocks never ends. From Marvel’s ‘Modok’ to Warner Bros LEGO movie and various LEGOLAND theme parks across the country prove the same. Discover the ‘Mall of America LEGO Store’ and why the expansion of Mall of America contributed to its popularity. 

The Mall of America History and LEGOLAND Minnesota are two ends of the same coin. Find out the interesting facts about the LEGO store in Mall of America, the Mall of America layout, and much more. 

1. How Many Miles Is the Mall of America?

2. How Much Money Does Mall of America Make a Year?

3. Does the Mall of America Have Its Own Zip Code?

4. The Mall of America Is Famous for _____

5. Who Owns LEGO?

6. Does the Mall of America Still Have LEGOLAND?

7. Where Is the Biggest LEGO Store in America?

8. Where Is the Biggest LEGO Store in the World?

9. What Is the Most Expensive LEGO Set?

10. How Many Varieties of LEGO’s Are There?

11. How Many LEGO Blocks Were Lost in the LEGO Play Area in the Mall of America?

12. How Many LEGOLANDs Are There?

13. LEGO Can Withstand ______ Pounds Before Breaking

14. Where Are LEGO Bricks Manufactured?

15. Which Is the Best Aftermarket LEGO Store in Minnesota?