Minnesota Facts and Trivia

Are you aware of these Minnesota trivia facts? Read our interesting blogs on lakes and forests, The Twin Cities, Best Buy, General Mills, Target, Land 'o Lake and more. Stay up-to-date with our mind-blowing Minnesota facts and trivia. You can test your knowledge of the state with our enjoyable trivia games and see how well you do. You can share these fun Minnesota trivia facts with your friends.

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The Mall of America & LEGOLAND Minnesota
Do you like LEGO? From Marvel to Disney everybody likes LEGO! Here are 15 facts about LEGOLAND Minnesota and the Mall of America.
Can You Score 10/10 on Minnesota’s First Cooking Show?
Do you know the name of Minnesota’s first cooking show? Get to know about the famous food radio shows through our quiz
Can You Score 15/15 on Symbols of Minnesota Quiz?
Let us see how well acquainted you are with symbols of Minnesota. Take our fun MN state symbols quiz now.
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