How Well Do You Know the Christ Church Lutheran, Minnesota?

Vannessa | 31 - 01 - 2021

If you are someone who’s planning to head to Minnesota, remember to visit Christ Church Lutheran. Along with getting a view of its amazing architecture, you’ll also get to know its rich history and heritage. The Christ Church Lutheran trivia details all the important facts of this extraordinary architectural marvel. Read to know some of the most interesting Christ Lutheran Church facts in this Minnesota trivia and quiz.

1. When Was Christ Church Lutheran Built?

2. When Was Christ Church Recognised as a National Historic Landmark?

3. In Which Language Are the Primary Services in Christ Church Currently Conducted?

4. How Was Christ Church Lutheran Initially Called?

5. How Many Committees Are There at Christ Church Lutheran?

6. How Much Is the Fee for Architecture Tours inside Christ Church Lutheran on the Second Sunday of Every Month?

7. The New Christ Church Organ Has __________ Pipes.

8. The __________ Wing of Christ Church Lutheran Offers Rental Spaces for Special Occasions.

9. Who Architectured Christ Church Lutheran?

10. How Tall Is the Bell Tower at Christ Church Lutheran?

11. The Friends of Christ Church Lutheran Is a Non-profit Organization.

12. When Was the Baptismal Font Reinstalled?

13. Which Architectural Style Has Been Adopted in the Construction of Christ Church?

14. The Original Organ at the Church Was from ________.

15. Is Lutheran the same as Catholic?