Minnesota History Trivia

How much do you know about Minnesota? Take our challenging history trivia to know where you stand. Our Minnesota history quiz focuses on World War II, Minnesota’s First Bridge, the Minnesota State Fair, and many more. Take this opportunity to test your knowledge with our Minnesota history quiz games and see where you stand.

How Well Do You Know the First Woman in Congress?
Did you know? Coya Knuston’s husband was very abusive. Discover more facts about the first woman in Congress from Minnesota.
How Well Do You Know the Wrestler Who Became the Governor?
Jesse Ventura, the wrestler who became governor of Minnesota in 1998. Discover more about him through our quiz.
Worst Natural Disasters in Minnesota Quiz
This land of beauty also faced several disasters. Play our natural disasters in Minnesota quiz and unlock unknown facts.
How Well Do You Know the Christ Church Lutheran, Minnesota?
Our Christ Lutheran Church trivia helps you discover the rich heritage of the church along with explaining its architecture.
Can You Pass This Fort Snelling Quiz?
Are you curious to learn facts about historic Fort Snelling? Play our interesting Fort Snelling quiz to improve your knowledge.
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