How Well Do You Know the Wrestler Who Became the Governor?

Julia | 13 - 08 - 2021

Do you know? Jesse Ventura was the wrestler who became the 38th governor of Minnesota, United States. Before becoming a governor, Ventura also served as the Navy UDT in the Vietnam war. He also has a family history of World War II veterans. Get to know about the famous wrestler who became the governor of Minnesota through our quiz. Play now and enhance your knowledge.

1. What Is Jesse Ventura's Real Name?

2. How Old Is Jesse Ventura?

3. When Did Jesse Ventura Become Governor?

4. Jesse Ventura Was in Which Political Party?

5. Where Was Jesse Ventura From?

6. What Is the Net Worth of Jesse Ventura?

7. How Long Did Jesse Ventura Serve as Governor?

8. What Was Jesse’s Nickname during His Time as a Professional Wrestler?

9. For What Reason, Ventura Was Forced to Suddenly Retire from Full-Time Active Professional Wrestling Competition?

10. In 1999, Jesse Ventura Served as the Referee in the Main Event Match at Which World Wrestling Entertainment Event?

11. Was Jesse “The Body” Ventura Inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame?

12. Who Trained Jesse “The Body” Ventura to Be a Professional Wrestler?

13. From 1999 to 2003, Jesse Was the 38th Governor of the U.S. State?

14. Before Becoming a Professional Wrestler, Jesse Was a Bodyguard for Which Band?

15. What Show Did Jesse Begin Hosting on TruTV in 2009?