Can You Pass This Fort Snelling Quiz?

Elmira | 27 - 01 - 2021

If you consider yourself a Minnesota expert, play our Fort Snelling quiz. You will be amazed by learning parts of the state’s long history. The United States Army constructed Fort Snelling from 1820 to 1825 to prevent American interests in the fur business. If you are curious to uncover the important facts about historic Fort Snelling you have landed at the right place. All you have to do is take our engaging and informative Fort Snelling quiz that helps build your history knowledge. In Fort Snelling trivia, you will learn the complete history of the Fort Snelling and what was the purpose of building it, how long it took to construct it, and many more. Play our fun quiz and discover mind-blowing Fort Snelling facts because you will find some amazing facts to impress your friends or amuse yourself. It is time to challenge yourself with our Fort Snelling quiz and see how well you do!

1. When Was Fort Snelling Built?

2. When Did Fort Snelling Retire from Military Use?

3. Who Was the First Person Buried at Fort Snelling?

4. What Was Fort Snelling’s Original Name?

5. When Was Fort Snelling Renamed?

6. When Was Fort Snelling Cemetery Inaugurated?

7. In Which River Fort Snelling Was Constructed?

8. 8.Who Was Sent by the U.S Government to Find a Spot to Build Fort Snelling?

9. What Does BDóte Mean?

10. Who did lease Fort Snelling to the War Department during the American Civil War?

11. Soldiers from Fort Snelling Fought in the______ and _______Wars.

12. Why Did Fort Snelling Build For?

13. How Big Is Fort Snelling?

14. When Did Fort Snelling Was Renamed?

15. In Which County Fort Snelling Is Located?