Can You Score 10/10 on Minnesota’s First Cooking Show?

Iris | 11 - 08 - 2021

Minnesota, known for signature dishes like the “Juicy Lucy” and its innovative food trucks and farm-to-table fare and Minnesota’s first-ever cooking show, has made a huge impression on the food world and food-centric TV shows. Cooking shows have been a popular staple of daytime television programming since the beginning of time. Several cooking shows have lasted multiple seasons, particularly when sponsored by local TV stations or public broadcasting. But how well do you know Minnesota’s daytime radio’s first cooking show? Get into our tempting quiz to know more about food radio shows.

1. What Was the First Cooking Show?

2. Who Did the First Cooking Show on TV?

3. Who Was the First Female Chef on TV?

4. Who Hosted the First TV Cooking Show In the Us?

5. Who Was the First British TV Chef?

6. When Was the First Cooking Competition Held?

7. Who Was the First Female Cook on TV?

8. Who Was the First Person to Have a Cooking Show?

9. What Was the First Cookery Programme on TV?

10. Who Is the Most Popular TV Chef?

11. Clemens Wilmenrod Bittet Zu Tisch’s “Dinner Is Served”, is the First Cooking Show In West Germany.

12. How Many Food Vendors Are at the Minnesota State Fair?

13. “The Chef Presents” is One of the First Cooking Shows in Australia.

14. How Long Does the MN State Fair Food Parade Take?

15. Honeycrisp Is the Official State Food of Minnesota.