Worst Natural Disasters in Minnesota Quiz

Elmira | 01 - 02 - 2021

The “Bread and Butter State” is not only known for its flour mills and butter-making plants but also its natural disasters. Minnesota has experienced several natural disasters from tornadoes, Hurricanes, blizzards, to fire incidents. Minnesota has experienced several natural disasters yet holds the pride as the land of 10,000 lakes. If you are planning to visit or live in Minnesota know about its past, the disasters it faced by playing our informative natural disasters in Minnesota quiz.    

1. The Worst Natural Disaster in Minnesota History Happened in the Year?

2. Name the Worst Disaster Happened in Minnesota Ever?

3. Armistice Day Blizzard Took Place in ________ Region of the United States

4. Name the Tornado That Took Place in 1919 in Minnesota

5. Name the Strongest Earthquake Occurred in Minnesota

6. The Dust Bowl Happened in the Year

7. What Causes Dust Bowl?

8. Halloween Blizzard Happened in the Year?

9. The Great Hinckley Fire Burned an Area of______ Acres

10. Cloquet Fire Was Caused by Sparks on the Local Railroads

11. Name the Official F5 Tornado That Occurred in Minnesota

12. Which Was the Most Severe Flood of the River Since 1826

13. Name the Storm Which Is Also Called as Super Bowl Blizzard

14. Name the Deadliest Tornado on Record in Minnesota?

15. Comfrey- St. Peter Tornado Happened in the 1997