Everything You Need to Know about Farms in New Jersey

Iris | 03 - 07 - 2021

New Jersey is also known as a garden state due to its flourishing agricultural campaign. Farms in New Jersey produce more than 100 million tons of fresh fruits and vegetables that are marketed all over the world. There are more than 9000 plus farms in NJ which covers about 715,057 acres of farmland. It’s hard to find the best farms in New Jersey when every farm remains unique in its own production. Discover more facts about farms in New Jersey through our stunning quiz.  

1. What Is the Largest Farm in New Jersey?

2. How Many Farms Are There in New Jersey?

3. What Vegetables Is NJ Known For?

4. Where Is the Largest Vertical Farm in the World?

5. How Much of NJ Is Farmland?

6. Which State Has the Most Farms by 2020?

7. Where Is the Most Expensive Farmland in the US?

8. New Jersey Ranks 5th in Blueberry Production.

9. New Jersey Is the Top 10 Producers of Fruits and Vegetables.

10. New Jersey Is Also Known as the Garden State.

11. What Fruit Is NJ Known For?

12. Is New Jersey the Diner Capital of the World?

13. Can I Grow Avocados in New Jersey?

14. Can Almond Trees Grow in New Jersey?

15. Can You Grow Grapes in NJ?